History 3

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  1. Major Causes of the Great Depression
    • -overproduction and under consumption
    • -1929 stock market crash
    • -europe never recovered from world war 1
    • -"hooverville"
  2. Effects of the Great Depression
    • -unemployment in 1935 was 29%
    • -homeless homies
    • -health deteriorated
    • -banks failed
    • -farm income drops 60 %
  3. Franklin Roosevelt (1932-1945)
    • -he was a boss ass bitch
    • -"fireside chats": took advantage of media
    • -declared bank holidays
  4. The New Deal (uno)
    • -hundreds of government programs ti revitalize the economy (6 to be exact)
    • -huge nail in the coffin of laizzes faire capitalism
  5. Agricultural Adjustment Act (AAA)
    prevented overproduction in farms
  6. National Industrial Recovery Act (NIRA)
    prevented overproduction in factories
  7. Civilian Conservation Cooperation (CCC)
    hired young men to do public work projects
  8. Public Works Admin (PWA)
    • (oops cap lock)
    • hired older people to write for museums and stuff
  9. Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)
    put men to work on building damns to make electricity (along tennessee rivers)
  10. Federal Deposit Insurance Cooperation (FDIC)
    guaranteed bank deposits up to 5,000 dough
  11. Dust Bowl
    • -combination of drought and high winds in part of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Kansas
    • -Okies: people who left to Cali for agriculture
  12. The New Deal (dos)
    • -even more acts yay
    • -just three this time
    • -social security, WPA, and NLTA
  13. Welfare Capitalism
    capitalist economy in which the government takes responsibility for the economic well-being of its citizens
  14. Social Security Act
    • national government takes some money of yours into savings account for retirement 
    • -old age pension
  15. Categorical Assistance
    assistance to a category (handicapped, unemployment)
  16. National Labor Relations Act (NLRA)
    made the government a referee between employees and employers
  17. Emergency Relief Money Act
    government spending a bunch of money, in an emergency, by putting people to work
  18. WPA
    built tons of road, plazas, etc
  19. Effects of the 2nd deal
    • -changed our economy permanently
    • -made national government and president more powerful
    • -prevented future depression
  20. adolf hitler
    • in 1930 Hitler invaded british
    • british was like OH HELL NO THESE NIGGUHS and declared war
    • -blitz and crieg
  21. Pearl Harbor
    • -December 7th 1941
    • -japan sunk eight battle shios
    • -sneak attack on pearl harbor and BOMBED it
    • -japan were on the side with the germs
    • -wanted to cripped the US navy before they got involved
    • -got the US involved with the war
  22. Second Front
    • why u frontin??
    • -invaded France so that Germs sends his army to get another battle place (so we can close in on the mofos)
    • -allies disagreed in when to set it up
  23. D Day
    • june 6th 1954
    • -attacked germs at 5 beaches
    • -omaha was the most important
  24. Battle of Stallengrad
    turning point in WW2, Germs advanced stopped
  25. Battle of Midway
    • june 19
    • -Japanese wanted to invade cali
    • -the momentum was stopped of the Japan Navy
  26. Strategy of The allies at the pacific
    • island hopping 
    • (kinda like homie hopping)
  27. Atomic Bomb
    • -dropped an atomic bomb on Hirosbima (trueman)
    • -japanese surrendered August 1945
  28. Why was the Atomic Bomb dropped?
    • -to save american lives
    • -the economic and political pressure from the Manhattan project
    • -atomic diplomacy: the us dropped the bomb to scare russia
  29. Japanese-Americans
    • -120,000 japs in cali were relocated to camps
    • -forced to sell property
    • -fear that japs would help the japanese 
    • -1988 US offered repatriation to survivors
  30. African Americans in WW2
    • -the great migration 1877-1945
    • -race is a nation problem
  31. Women in WW2
    -doing non-traditional work
  32. The government in WW2
    • - War production Board: government that told industrialists what to make 
    • - Office of Price Administration: put rations on what people buy and set the prices 
    • -nation government triples in size
  33. COLD WAR
    • The competition between the U.S & Soviet Union between 1945-1991
    • -it was fought indirectly
  34. Cause of the Cold War
    • -competing ideology (US was capitalism and the Soviet was communism) 
    • -Russian expansion after WW2 to the west
    • -2nd front
    • -Soviet Union created there own atomic bomb in 5 years wtf
    • -The "fall" of china (china just converted to communism)
    • -U.S rebuilding germs
  35. the homie president truman
    • -first cold war president
    • -fair deal
    • -truman doctrine
  36. Fair deal
    • same idea as new deal but didn't pass
    • instead there was an
    • Employment Act: the government would do whatever it could to keep the employment rate high
    • -this should that welfare was real af
    • -civils rights for blacks (To Secure His Rights)
  37. Turman Doctrine
    • the policy of containment
    • -the US would prevent the spread of communism the western europe
  38. Marshall Plan
    massive economic aid package to western europe. we gave over 12 mil into europe because we wanted to stabilize there economy
  39. Nation Security act (1947)
    created the department of defense, national security council, and central intelligence agency
  40. North Atlantic Treaty Organization
    an alliance between the US and the most western part of europe
  41. NSC-68
    • report on the status of the Cold war
    • -if we dont get better, we lose
    • -the cold war is bound to happen
    • -its a win lose
    • (globalized the cold war)
  42. Korean War
    • North Korea crossed boundaries to make south korea become communism
    • the soviet union helped the north and the us helped the south
    • the americans pushed the north back to the chinese boundaries
  43. McCarthyism (joseph mccarthy)
    • -the search of communism in the American in the early 1950s
    • -house of Un American Activities
    • -Army Mccarthy Hearings- people say him for who he truly is,
    • drunk and insane
  44. Reason for Mccarthyism
    • -Communist spies
    • -soviet bombed 5 years too early
    • -klaus fuchs: worked on the atomic bomb and got convicted for selling secerts
    • -amerasia america: american magazine that was in asaia
    • -classified government info was found in asia office
    • -Alger Hiss Trial: convicted of telling
    • -internal subversion: internal threats
    • -political rhetoric: soft on communism??
  45. Eisenhower (republican 1952-1960)
    - hidden hand presidency: the way that eisenhower directed his administration while seeming to not be in involved
  46. Esienhower in da cold war
    • -massive retaliation: if china starts something we blow the hell out of them
    • -brinkmanship: the US would not back down in a confrontation
    • -domino threat: the belief that if one country fell to communism, then all the others will
    • -deterrence: prevent the soviet union from attacking the US
  47. Postwar Prosperity
    • -cars, construction, defense spending
    • -baby boom
    • -suburbs and levittown
    • -sun belt: cali, new mexico, texas (oil, air space, ag stuff)
    • -TV
    • -toys
    • -health
    • (GI Bill: living expensive for veterans, vaccines, infant mortality rate goes down) 
    • -fallout shelter
    • -sex (Dr. Alfred Kinsey, america wasn't moral)
    • -defense spending (pays universities to research → labs → industries)
  48. Seeds of Discontent
    • -continued proverty (Edmund Murrows "See it Now"
    • -negative reactions to suburbia "the man in the grey flannel"
    • -U2 Incident: spy plane shot down, government lied
    • -game show scandal
    • -development of youth culture (hottie james dean and marlon brandu, beatniks)
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