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  1. The time required for the x-ray tube to be switched on and reach selected levels of kilovolt peak (kVp) and mA is called the ______ time. The time required for the x-ray tube to be switched off is the _______ time
    • interrogation
    • extinction
  2. The fraction of time that the x-ray tube is energized is called the _____ cycle.
  3. When the CCD is directly coupled to the image intensifier, the entire CCD signal is sampled and drives the ABS or ________ system.
    automatic brightness stabilization
  4. The principal advantage of CCDs in most applications, such as a digital camera, is their small ____ and ______.
    • size
    • ruggedness
  5. The spatial resolution of a CCD is determined by its physical size and_______count.
  6. Label: Exam"The CCD has greater sensitivity to light (detective quantum efficiency) and a lower level of electronic noise than a television camera tube. The results are a higher ______ and better ________. These characteristics also result in substantially lower patient radiation doses."
    • signal-to-noise ratio (SNR)
    • contrast resolution
  7. Label: Exam"Flat panel monitors are easier to view and easier to manipulate, and they provide better images."  t or f
  8. Label: Exam" When the two techniques are combined, the process is called_________."
    hybrid subtraction
  9. __________ refers to a number of computer-assisted techniques whereby an image obtained at one time is subtracted from an image obtained at a later time. "
    "Temporal subtraction
  10. Label: Exam"If patient motion occurs between the mask image and a subsequent image, the subtracted image will contain _______artifacts"
  11.  that is, a reduction in brightness at the periphery of the image.  is called
  12. Magnification Mode Results In What 3 things
    • • Better spatial resolution
    • • Better contrast resolution
    • • Higher patient dose  
  13. Distortion Depends On what 3 things
    • 1 Object thickness
    • 2 Object position
    • 3 Object shape  
  14. x-rays that exit the patient and interact with the image receptor are. 
    Image-forming x-rays
  15. The 4 prime exposure factors are 
    • kVp,
    • mA,
    • exposure time,
    • source-to-image receptor distance (SID). 
  16. mA is directly proportional to _____
    Tube Current 
  17. High contrast = _____ scale

  18. Low contrast = _____ scale 
  19. high kVp = ____ scale = _____ contrast
  20. low kVp = ____ scale = ____ contrast
    • short
    • high
  21. Distortion Depends On 3 things 
    • 1 Object thickness
    • 2 Object position
    • 3 Object shape 
  22.                                                         3 main topic of Subject contrast
    • 1.Atomic number 
    • 2.Tissue density
    • 3.Tissue thickness
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