Art History Notre Dame

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    1. Located In Chartres, France

    2. Cathedral Basilica of Notre dame in Chartres

    3. Dedicated to the Virgin Mary

    4. 1145 when it was made

    5. Western facade and eastern were the only parts saved in the fire 50 years later

    6. Produced in two steiges was never entirely finished

    7. Spira on the left is from the 16th century

    8. 5 different cathedrals have been in that spot

    9. In 1194 was broken to a gothic cathedral

    10. Building was completed in 26 years

    11. In the crypt is the relic which is remanence of a tunic that the Virgin Mary was said to have worn

    12. It survived the big fire of 1194

    13. Interpreted the fire as the virgin mary burning it down trying to make a bigger and better cathedral

    14. Started building in a romanesque style but ended in gothic

    15. Eliminated the part of the building that was called the gallery

    16. 430 feet long, width is 105/151 feet

    17. The nave is 121 feet high, 54 feet wide Covers a total of 117,016 feet of ground

    18. 176 stained glass windows

    19. 200 statues in 41 scenes

    20. in 1939 there was a war going on so they took all of the glass out of the cathedral and put new stained glass

    21. The most famous cathedral, been used as films such as The Hunchback of Notre Dame
  2. Why was the term gothic used?
    Used the term to criticise the goths bc it was too much
  3. What's a groin vault?
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    • Cross shaped
  4. Benefits of pointed arch?
    Brought the weight downward and allow the building to be hire

    Allowed light into Cathedrals, adding stained glass
  5. What did the flying buttress do?
    Moved the support outside the building
  6. What is the squirrel cage?
    Giant wheel that they used leg power to raise stuff six things
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