Music Chapter 1

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Music Chapter 1
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Introduction music

Introduction to music
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  1. sound
    vibrations transmitted, through the air, to the eardrum which send impulses to the brain
  2. pitch
    relative highness or lowness that we hear in a sound
  3. octave
    tones separated by the interval
  4. tone color/timbre
    distinguishes the sound of two instruments
  5. meter
    organization of beats into regular groups
  6. monophonic
    one sound
  7. polyphonic
    many sounds; two or more melodic lines at same time
  8. counterpoint
    combining two or more melodic lines into one whole
  9. homophonic
    one melody accompanied by chords
  10. form
    organization of musical ideas in time
  11. melody
    series of single notes that add up to a whole
  12. phrases
    part of a melodyStar this termYou can study starred terms togetherPlay audio for this term
  13. cadence
    resting places at the end of a phrase- point of arrival
  14. gregorian chant
    melodies set to sacred Latin texts, sung without accompaniment; the official music of the Roman Catholic church
  15. organum
    medieval polyphony that consists of Gregorian chant and one or more additional melodic lines
  16. word painting
    musical representation of specific poetic images
  17. motet
    polyphonic choral work set to a sacred Latin text other than that of the mass; one of the two main forms of sacred Renaissance music