Day 23

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  1. akin to
    phr. similar to       ~와 유사한, ~에 가까운

    Ukrainians are culturally and linguistically akin to Russians.
  2. appealing
    adj. desirable, attractive, charming, winsome 매력적인
  3. approach (2)
    n. 1. method, way         접근법, 방법

    v. 2. move toward, come toward, reach  접근하다
  4. argue
    v. dispute, debate, claim, discuss   논쟁하다
  5. assert
    v. claim, declare, maintain   주장하다

    Most antivirus experts asserted that no computer worm is a good worm.
  6. brace
    v. support, buttress, reinforce     받치다, 보강하다

    The walls of the newly constructed building were braced by meral beams dug deep into the ground.
  7. catastrophic
    adj. disastrous, tragic        비참한, 비극적인

    The attack on Pear Harbor was a catastrophic event in American history.
  8. clarify
    v. elucidate, clear up     명료하게 하다
  9. constantly
    adv. continually, continuously, always, perpetually                 지속적으로
  10. deception
    n. fraud, cheating, trickery     속임수, 사기

    Margaret's deception in providing false testimony to the police earned her ten years in prison.
  11. distinct (2)
    adj. 1 separate, different, discrete      별개의

    adj. 2. definite, apparent, clear      뚜렷한
  12. edition
    n. version, volume         (간행물)판
  13. elaborate
    adj. detailed, intricate, complicated, complex 복잡한, 정교한
  14. flaw
    n. defect, blemish, fault    결점
  15. flood
    v. inundate, deluge, overflow  범람시키다, 홍수
  16. floods of
    phr. great number of       다수의, 쇄도하는

    Authorities concerned about floods of imigrants failed to persudade the Chinese government to assist them.
  17. habitat
    n. home, dwelling, living quarter         거주지
  18. hint
    n. indication, implication          암시

    when the host of the party began ready for bed, her guests took the hint to go home
  19. intensify
    v. strengthen, reinforce, deepen        강화하다, 심해지다

    The Kansas Nebraska Act intensified the sectional quarrel over the extension of slavery.
  20. intentional
    adj. deliberate, designed, planned  고의적인

    increased oil prices were the intentional result of the decision to cut back production.
  21. kin
    n. relative                  친척
  22. make one's way
    phr. travel, journey, treck           나아가다

    The first explorers used canoes to make their way down the country's many rivers.
  23. measure
    v. gauge, calculate, estimate      층정하다
  24. minute
    adj. tiny, diminutive, detailed, precise  미세한, 정밀한

    Many microchips are so minute that a microscope is needed to see them fully.
  25. notwithstanding
    prep. despite, in spite of, nevertheless  ~에도 불구하고

    The proposal for a pay cut was approved, notwithstanding our objection.
  26. profound
    adj. deep, abysmal         심오한
  27. protect
    v. shield, defend, guard, harbor         보호하다
  28. receive
    v. obtain, accept, acquire, get     받다, 얻다
  29. relevance
    n. germaneness, pertinence    적절, 타당성
  30. reliance
    n. dependence                의존

    The country's reliance on imported oil is becoming larger.
  31. represent (2)
    v. 1. depict, portray, express  묘사하다, 표현하다

    v. 2. stand for                대표하다
  32. require
    v. demand, entail, call for        요구하다
  33. resemble
    v. be similar to, be like, take after     닮다, 비슷하다

    The bar is designed to resemble a hotel lobby desk        
  34. resolve (2)
    v. 1.determine, decide           결정하다

    After losing thousands of dollars in the stack marker, Peter resolved never to dabble in stocks again.

    v. 2. find a solution for, solve     해결하다
  35. retard
    v. delay                           지체시키다

    Failing to obtain the necessary inputs on time can retard the production of the final product.
  36. roster
    n. list, register, rota         명부, 근무자 명단

    The baseball coach read the final roster of names listing all players who made the cut.
  37. scenic
    adj. beautiful, picturesque  풍경이 아름다운, 경치가 좋은
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