art 101 unit 8

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  1. tensile strength
    the ability of the material to span horizontal distances with a minimum of support from underneath
  2. stacking and piling
    layering the building material thicker at the bottom and heavier at the top
  3. adobe
    sundered brick made of clay mixed with straw
  4. post and linel
    a structural system based on two or more uprights (posts) supporting a horizontal crosspiece 

    think stone hinge
  5. lamassu
    a protective deity often depicted with a bull or lions body, eagles winds and a humans head
  6. column
    upright pillar
  7. hypostile
    an interior space filled with rows of columns that serve to support the roof
  8. dori order
    the shaft may be smooth or fluted

    no base

    capital is a rounded stone disk supporting a plain rectangular slab
  9. ionic orders
    the shaft is usually fluted and rests on a stepped base

    capital is carved in graceful scrolling forms called volutes
  10. corinthian orders
    shaft is fluted and rest on a more detailed base

    elaborate capital is carved with motives based on stylized acantus leaves
  11. pediment
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  12. cornice
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  13. frieze
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  14. architrave
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  15. entablature
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  16. capital
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  17. base
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  18. shaft
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  19. arch
    curved structure usually made of wedge like shaped stones that serves to span an opening
  20. barrel vault
    half round arch extended into depth
  21. groin vault
    formed by the intersection of two barrel valets of equal size at right angles
  22. dome
    a convex evenly curved roof
  23. oculus
    a circular opening in the wall or at the top of a dome
  24. portico
    a projecting porch with a roof supported by columns often marking the entrance to a boilding
  25. rotunda
    an open cylindrical interior space usually covered by a dome
  26. geodesic dome
    angles arranged into tetrhedrons

    epcot circle thing
  27. gothic
    a style of architecture and art that flourished in Europe from the mid 12 to the 16th century
  28. buttress
    an exterior support that counteracts the outward thrust of an arch dome or wall
  29. flying buttress
    a strut or arch segment running from a freestanding pier to an outer wall
  30. minarets
    a tower forming part of a mosque and serving as a place from which the faithful are called to prayer
  31. pendentive
    a curving triangular section that serves as a transition between a dome and the four walls of a rectangular building
  32. cantilever
    a horizontal structural element supported at one end only with the other end projecting into space
  33. green architecture
    a movement in architecture towards using sustainable materials as wwell as creating structures atht favor their environmental surroundings
  34. futurism
    modern art that originated in italy during the early 020th century that emphasized and glorified themes associated with contemporary concepts of the future including speed technology youth and violence and objects such as the car airplane and industrial city
  35. regionalism
    a movement that focused on scenes of rural life.
  36. americana
    talking about american things
  37. Image Upload
    the parthenon athens greece
  38. Image Upload
  39. Image Upload
    the pantheon rome italy
  40. Image Upload
    notre dame cathedral paris france
  41. Image Upload
    haggia sofia instanbul turkey
  42. Image Upload
    falling waters frank lloyd wright mill run pennsylvania
  43. Image Upload
    greek orders parts of the fascade
  44. Image Upload
    giacomo balls street light oil on canvas
  45. Image Upload
    umberto boccioni unique forms of continuity in space bronze
  46. Image Upload
    richard serra tilted arc steel construction federal plaza nyc 1981
  47. Image Upload
    henk hofstra art eggicident friesland holland
  48. Image Upload
    nele azevedo melting man berlin
  49. Image Upload
    grant wood american gothic oil on board
  50. Image Upload
    grant wood midnight ride of paul revere oil on board
  51. Image Upload
    edward hopper summer evening oil on canvas
  52. Image Upload
    norman rockwell freedom from want oil on canvas
  53. Image Upload
    norman rockwell the problem we all live with oil on canvas
  54. Image Upload
    monsanto house of the future disneyland anaheim ca
  55. Image Upload
    stephen shore from his series uncommon spaces
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