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  1. The main function autonomic nervous system
    maintain homeostatis
  2. Autonomic nervous system is also known as
    subconscious or involuntary nervous system
  3. How many neurons are in the somatic efferent pathways
  4. How many neurons are in the autonomic pathways
  5. The somatic nervous system conducts impulses from  where to where
    the motor cortex to the c.n.s to the skeletal muscles
  6. The autonomic conducts motor impulses  from which part of the brain to where
    Hypothalamus to cardiac muscles, smooth muscles and glands
  7. Even though the autonomic system is involuntary can we influence our conscious state
    Yes. If we are anxious prior to an exam (can increase heart rate by emotions or thoughts)
  8. In the somatic  efferent pathway where does the cell body reside and where does the axon extend to
    • cell body resides in cns
    • axon  extends to effector organ.  it usually follow spinal or cranial nerves.
    • Always goes to Skeletal muscles.
  9. Does the somatic efferent pathway synapse
  10. What are the two neurons in the autonomic pathways called
    preganglionic neurons& postganglionic neurons
  11. Where does the preganglionic cell body reside and what does its axon then do
    • cell body resides in cns
    • the axon then synapses with the post ganglionic neuron.
  12. Does the somatic pathway have ganglia
  13. What is the main difference between the somatic and autonomic pathways
    the number of neurons.
  14. Where does the post ganglionic cell body reside and what does the axon do
    Cell body resides outside the cns and the axon extends to the effector organ (cardiac, smooth muscle or gland)
  15. What is the neurotransmitter in the somatic pathway called
    ACh.  Acetylcholine
  16. This neurotransmitter Ach what does it do in the somatic nervous system
    • it always excitable, 
    • it stimulates
    • causes muscle contractions
  17. Does this acetylcholine inhibit the somatic nervous system
    no , never inhibits only excites.
  18. What is the preganglionic neurotransmitter
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