Math Solid Geometry

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  1. Number of dimension in a point?
  2. Number of dimensions in a line?
    1 dimension
  3. Number of dimensions in a plane shape?
    2 dimensions
  4. Number of dimensions in a solid shape?
    3 dimentions
  5. Rectangular Solid (rectangular prism):
    solid shape having 2 bases which ae parallel and congruent, 8 vertexes, 6 faces and 12 edges.
  6. Cube:
    rectangular prism with 6 square faces
  7. triangular prism:
    5 faces, includes 2 triangular bases & 3 rectangular faces (6 vertexes & 9 edges)
  8. square pyramid:
    4 faces that are congruent triangles & a 5th face called a base that is square.
  9. cylinder:
    Two circular bases with equal radii.  The planes containing them are parallel.
  10. cone:
    one circular base and one vertex
  11. sphere:
    shape of ball.  Every point on the sphere is equally distant from center of sphere.
  12. Formula surface area of rectangular solid:
    SA = 2lw + 2wh + 2lh
  13. What does lateral surface area mean?
    does not include the top and bottom faces of the area of a rectangular solid
  14. formula for lateral surface area of rectangular solid?
    LA = 2wh + 2lh
  15. Formula for surface area cube?
    • Square
    • SA = 6e2
  16. Formula for lateral surface area cube?
    LA = 4e2
  17. Formula surface area of square pyramid?
    SA = 4(bh/2) + b2
  18. Formula surface area for a Cylinder?
    Image Upload
  19. Formula volume of Rectangular Solid?
    • V = lwh
    • V=abc
  20. Volume answers are in what format?
  21. Formula for volume of a cube?
    V = e3
  22. Formula for volume of a square pyramid?
    • V = lwh
    •         3
  23. Formula LA of a cylinder
    Image Upload
  24. Formula for volume of a Cylinder?
    Image Upload
  25. Formula lateral area of a cone
    Image Upload
  26. Formula Volume of a cone
    Image Upload
  27. Formula Volume of a cube
    V = e3
  28. Formula for volume of a pyramid
    V = Image Upload
  29. Formula Area of surface of a sphere
    Image Upload
  30. Formula Volume of a sphere
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