114 - ch. 76

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  1. How are STD’s transmitted
    intimate contact, intercourse, oral, or anal sex, sometimes even kissing; also via blood and other body fluids

    STDs transmitted by maternal /fetal transmission
  2. Who is likely to get an STD
    females are more at risk than males due to vaginal mucosa transmission vs male skin.  Anyone engaging in anal sex is even greater risk because of tiny tears in mucosa in rectal sphincter
  3. Which STDs are bacterial and which are viral

    What is the significance of this
    Viral ones are incurable 

    Bacterial STDs are curable but can return over and over
  4. Syphlilis
    Penecillin; Diagnosed by BLOOD TEST although often unreliable

    • 1 - Primary (10-90days)-sore where exposed
    • 2 - (6wk-6mos)-flu like symptoms; hand/foot rash
    • Latent - Early-<1yr Late >1yr; dormant, curable
    • Tertiary - (4-20yrs) mimics anything; untreatable
  5. What is significance of transmission of gonorrhea?
    • Transmitted mostly via mucosal surfaces so sites of intercourse are important for rassessment 
    • Diagnosed by culture 

    Chlamydia goes along with gonorrhea and are usually treated together- very asymptomatic 

    Gonorrhea and chlamydia are main pathogens responsible for PID
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