A & P midterm

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  1. Hemodynamics
    Study of blood flow through the heart & blood vessels.
  2. Genotype
    Genetic makeup of an individual
  3. Atherosclerosis
    Accumulation of cholesterol & smooth muscle fibers in the tunica media of an artery
  4. Aorta
    Largest artery that comes off the left ventricle
  5. Sinoatrial node  "S" node
    Primary pacemaker of the body
  6. Fimbriae
    Finger like structures near lateral ends of Fallopian tubes
  7. Perineum
    Pelvic floor space between anus & vulva
  8. Iatrogenic
    Union tended injuries caused by Dr.'s & other healthcare workers prescribed drugs or therapies
  9. Placenta
    Structure that allows nutrients & oxygen from maternal blood to pass to embryonic blood
  10. Erythropoiesis
    Formation of red blood cells
  11. Malignant
    Tumor w/ability to spread to distant sites
  12. Arrhythmia (dysrhythminia)
    Irregular heart rhythm
  13. Erythrocytes
    Mature red blood cell
  14. Apoptosis
    • Programmed cell death
    • or cell suicide
  15. Cervix
    Inferior, constricted part of uterus
  16. Atrophy
    • Reduction in size of an organ
    • physiological or pathological
  17. Effacement
    Thinning & softening of cervix during birth process
  18. Zygote
    Fertilized ovum formed from the union of sperm & ovum
  19. Epicardium 
    (visceral pericardium)
    • Thin outer layer of the heart wall
    • also known as visceral pericardium
  20. Scrotum
    Pouch of skin that holds the testes
  21. Febrile
    Having a fever or elevated body temperature
  22. Ventral (cavity)
    On front of the body
  23. Dorsal (cavity)
    Posterior aspect of body
  24. Epididymis
    Coiled tube at top of each testes where spermatoids become mature sperm cells
  25. Testosterone
    • -male sex hormone needed for production of sperm
    • -responsible for male secondary sex characteristics
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