Clinic Tools 8: (ch 10 & 11)

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    • Hoof Pick:
    • To remove debris, mud, and rocks from the hooves before examining them
    • Long-Handled Hoof Trimmer:
    • To rough-cut long-overgrown hooves of cattle and horses while the foot is on the ground
    • CN: Squire hoof trimmer, hoof trimmer
    • Hoof Nipper:
    • to shape hooves to their normal sizes in cattle and horses. [BOTH jaws have sharp edges]
    • CN: nippers
    • Hoof Parer
    • To shape hoof to its normal size in cattle and horses. [One jaw is sharp, One jaw a block edge]
    • CN: Parer
    • Hoof Knife:
    • To trim the frog and sole of an animals foot.
    • Hoof Rasp
    • To smooth the rough edges of the hoof wall after trimming
    • CN: Rasp
    • Hoof Tester
    • To check through a hoof wall for abscesses or sore spots
    • Hoof Block
    • To help a cow that has injured a hoof by protecting the injured hoof
    • Cow Boot:
    • To protect a foot that has lost part or all of a hoof
    • Hoof trimming Table and Chute
    • to put a cow into lateral recumbency so as to facilitate access to the hooves for trimming or treatment
    • Halter
    • to provide a means of controlling the horses head while preforming various procedures
    • Lead Rope
    • to lead and tie a horse
    • Chain Shank
    • to provide greater control over a horse by the application of mild pain.
    • Hobbles
    • to prevent a horse from wandering far away
    • Twitch- Humane
    • to distract a horse's attention from minor procedures by inflicting mild pain to the upper lip
    • Twitch- Chain
    • to distract a horse's attention from minor procedures by inflicting mild pain to the upper lip
    • Cribbing Strap
    • To prevent a horse from cribbing.
    • Equine Mouth Speculum
    • to hold open the mouth during a dental examination and treatment
    • Dental Float
    • To smooth teeth that have rough edges or are overgrown
    • Mare Urinary Catheter¬†
    • To catheterize the bladder
    • Mare Speculum:
    • To open the vaginal vault to as o pass swaps or tubes into the uterus or bladder
    • Hoof Angle Gauge
    • To get an oblique navicular view
    • Radiographic Cassette Holder
    • To hold a radiograph cassette at any angle while keeping personnel out of direct beam

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