College Now: Intro to Political Science

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  1. Class Values
    Political interests shaped by social classes, such as worker or capitalist.
  2. Culture Wars
    Term that came into use during the first decade of the twenty-first century to describe sharp divisions within the American public over fundamental values as reflected in disagreements over such issues as abortion, gay marriage, prayer in public schools, euthanasia, genetic research, and sex education.
  3. Economic Well-Being
    Level of income, food, health care, and education that satisfies minimum quality-of-life standards and permits full growth and development.
  4. Goal
    An objective.
  5. Interest Group
    Members of the public who organize in an attempt to shape public policy on issues of concern to them.
  6. National Interest
    Vital needs and fundamental interests of nations, such as security, liberty, justice, and welfare, essential for independence, prosperity, and power.
  7. Policy
    In the context of political science, a government course or general plan of action designed to solve problems or achieve specified goals.
  8. Political Actor
    Individual or group that expresses and shapes public values, struggles for power, and decides issues of public policy.
  9. Political Values
    Important beliefs about which goals, principles, and policies are worthwhile in public affairs.
  10. Principle
    Basic truth or belief that is used as a basis of reasoning or a guide to behavior.
  11. Public Interest
    Community interest that transcends the personal interests of individuals or groups and expresses the best long-range interests of the nation.
  12. Welfare
    Government provisions for, or contributions to, individual needs for employment, income, food, housing, health care, and literacy.
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