Psychology of Emotion CH 7 & 8

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  1. a general expectation that "something bad might happen," without identifying any particular danger
  2. drugs that relieve anxiety
  3. neurological system that responds to a frightening situation by increasing attention while inhibiting action and decreasing heart rate
    Behavioral Inhibition System (BIS)
  4. hand and body gestures that have specific meanings within a given culture
  5. experience in which the dread is directed toward a specific object or event
  6. involuntary, momentary emotional expressions that contradict the intended impression of calmness
    Micro Expressions
  7. set of measurements based on the assumption that people get nervous when they lie and, therefore, show increased heart rate and blood pressure, rapid and irregular breathing patterns, increased skin conductance, or increases in other sympathetic nervous system activities
  8. proposal that people and other animals are evolutionarily predisposed to learn some things (including fears) more easily than others
  9. a gene for a protein that "recycles" serotonin after it has been released into the synapse, bringing it back into the presynaptic axon terminal. The "long" form of part of this gene facilitates high transporter protein production; the "short" form less so
    Serotonin Transporter Gene
  10. an intense and overwhelming fear of social interactions
    Social Phobia
  11. enhancement of the startle response in a frightening situation as compared to a safe one
    Startle Potentiation
  12. reaction to a sudden loud noise or other strong stimulus in which the muscles tense rapidly, especially the neck muscles, the eyes close tightly, the shoulders quickly pull close to the neck, and the arms pull up toward the head
    Startle Response
  13. a type of an anxiolytic
  14. the emotional state associated with feeling injured or offended, and with a desire to threaten or hurt the person who offended you
  15. theory that anger and reactive aggression are enhanced by any unpleasant event or aversive condition
    Cognitive-Neoassociationistic (CNA) Model of Anger Generation
  16. (as a principle of sympathetic magic) the idea of "once in contact, always in contact"
  17. emotional reaction to a violation of community standards
  18. emotional response to an object that threatens your physical purity, such as feces, rotting food, or unclean animals
    Core Disgust
  19. proposal that anything that interferes with one's ability to obtain some expected gratification leads to aggressive behavior
    Frustration-Aggression Hypothesis
  20. harmful behavior motivated by anger and the events that preceded it
    Hostile Aggression
  21. harmful or threatening behavior used purely as a way to obtain something or to achieve some end
    Instrumental Aggression
  22. experience relating to violations of right and wrong
    Moral Disgust
  23. an attempt to restore friendship after a fight (physical or verbal), and to prevent further hostility
  24. the ability of people to overcome the effects of extremely unfavorable environments
  25. (as a principle of sympathetic magic) the idea that if something looks similar, we treat it similarly
  26. a temporary experience; in the context of emotion, the experience of an emotion in the present moment
  27. steroid hormone more common in males than females, important for male sex-related behaviors
  28. task in which two words (one of which might be aggressive) flash briefly on the screen, one above the other. Then a dot appears in the same position as one of them, and the person must press a key as quickly as possible to indicate whether the dote appeared in the upper or lower position
    Themed Dot-Probe Task
  29. a long-term characteristic of a person; in the context of emotion, one's overall frequency and/or intensity of certain emotional states
  30. task in which a target word appears briefly in the center of the screen, surrounded by three other words. Then the target word and three new words appear, and the task is to locate the target word
    Visual Search Task
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