College Now: Intro to Political Science

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  1. Connection of Powers
    Connection of political power among governmental bodies, as opposed to the separation of powers.
  2. Devolution
    Surrendering of powers to local authorities by a central government.
  3. Failed State
    A country in which there are serious questions (both on the part of the international community and many of its own citizens) about governmental legitimacy.
  4. Federalism
    Governmental system that combines central authority for nationwide concerns with state, provincial, or regional authority for local concerns, with certain powers shared by, and certain powers denied to, both levels of government.
  5. Interest Aggregation
    • Means of selecting priorities in which political actors build support for specific proposals, usually by working with other like
    • -minded individuals or groups.
  6. Interest Articulation
    Expression of political actors’ needs, interests, and desires through voting, speaking at public forums, or joining political parties or interest groups.
  7. Majority Rule
    • Power of one-half of the members plus one of any decision
    • -making group to bind the remainder of that group to a decision.
  8. Media
    Agencies of communication such as newspapers, magazines, radio, television, and, more recently, the Internet.
  9. Political Culture
    The distinguishing attitudes, habits, and behavior patterns of a political community.
  10. Political Party
    organized group that seeks to elect candidates to government office; a “team” that seeks to control government.
  11. Polyarchy
    rule by the many in a democratic and constitutional system.
  12. Separation of Powers
    Division of powers into legislative, executive, and judicial in the U.S. government.
  13. Unitary Government
    Form of government in which all major power and policy emanates from the central government.
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