Day 24

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  1. absurd
    adj. 1. illogical, irrational, unreasonable   불합리한

    The absurd law that requires all people with colds to stay indoors should be revoked.

    adj. 2. preposterous, ridiculous, foolish  어리석은, 터무니 없는

    It is absurd to believe in ghosts.
  2. activity
    n. liveliness, springhliness, vivacity   활기
  3. assort
    v. categorize, classify, codify, separate, sort, 분류하다, 구분하다

    Emma found her friend engaged in assorting the clothes.
  4. beam
    v. ray, shine, gleam, glitter, radiate  빛나다
  5. break
    v. 1. shatter, destroy, batter               부수다

    n. 2. rest, pause, respite         (짦은) 휴식
  6. bromide
    n. dull remark, commonplace, cliche  진부한 말
  7. common
    adj. shared, joint                 공통의
  8. consciously
    adv. intentionally                    의도적으로,의식적으로
  9. context
    n. setting                                   배경
  10. damage
    n. harm, impairment, detriment, injury   손상, 손해
  11. detach
    v. separate, disconnect, disengage    분리하다

    The inner lining of the coat can be detached to make the coat less bulky.
  12. dormant
    adj. inactive, latent, stagnant, inert   활동하지 않는, 휴면기의

    In many horror movies, a monster lies dormant until roused by an unwitting human.  
  13. environment
    n. setting, ecology               환경
  14. essential
    adj. vital, prerequisite, fundamental,  필수적인
  15. heighten
    v. increase                   늘리다, 고조되다

    Meredith's awkward excuse heightened her father's anxiety
  16. hinder
    v. stunt, hamper, interfere with, impede  방해하다
  17. impose
    v. force, pressure, enforce            강요하다, 도입하다

    Karen managed to impose her will upon the rest of the group, as usual, and they all ended up at the karaoke bar.
  18. ingenious
    adj. inventive, creative, innovative, clever, original                       독창적인

    An ingenious system of water pumps has been built to protect the city from flooding.
  19. insignificant
    adj. trivial, slight, trifling, negligible    사소한
  20. keen
    adj. sharp, bright, intelligent              예리한
  21. lodge
    v. 1. shelter, harbor, house       거처(피난처)를 제공하다

    The family lodged an escaped convict.

    v. 2. quarter, house                   숙박하다

    The travelers lodged at a hotel.
  22. power
    n. strong effect, strength            영향력, 힘
  23. prominent
    adj. conspicuous, remarkable, outstanding  탁월한, 중요한, 현저한

    Bismarck is one of the most prominent figures in German history.
  24. provided
    conj. if, on condition that              만약 ~이라면

    Life is good, even in a heap of rubble, provided there is someone who has a warm heart.
  25. put together
    phr. combine, connect         결합시키다
  26. reflect
    v. 1. meditate, think, consider, ponder  숙고하다

    v. 2. demonstrate, display, show    반영하다, 나타내다
  27. relinquish
    v. give up, surrender, abandon, resign  포기하다, 버리다

    The king relinquished his throne because of the revolution.
  28. representative
    adj. typical, characteristic, exemplary   전형적인

    The newly employed man was in no way representative of dog-trainers in general
  29. scan
    v. examine, scrutinize, investigate     조사하다

    To find the cause of the problem, the researchers scanned the sky of the southern hemisphere.
  30. sever
    v. cut, separate, divide, part        절단하다, 분리하다 (두조각으로) 잘라내다 

    Noah's righrt leg was severed from his body in the accident.
  31. shortly
    adv. soon, presently, before long    곧
  32. showcase
    v. display, exhibit            전시하다
  33. succession
    n. series, sequence            연속, 잇따름

    Melody is the succession of sounds. 
  34. summit
    n. peak, acme, zenith, apex, pinnacle   정상,절정

    At the summit of the mountain, the climber could see unthawed snow.
  35. token
    n. symbol, mark, sign          상징, 표시

    Wedding rings are given as a token of love and commitment
  36. transmit
    v. communicate, send, convey      전달하다

    Samuel Morse first transmitted a message by telegraph in 1844.
  37. useful
    adj. profitable, advantageous       유익한, 도움이 되는
  38. vestige
    n. remnant, trace, shadow            흔적, 자취

    The new law removed the last vestiges of royal power.
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