Important Vocabulary in Audio Engineering

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  1. Transducer
    Component that converts one form of energy to another.
  2. DI Box
    (Direct Injection) acts as an impedance converter
  3. Balanced (cable)
    reduces susceptibility to noise in longer cables.
  4. AES
    Audio Engineering Society
  5. EBU digital
    European Broadcast Union
  6. S/P dif
    (sony/philips digital interface format) signal for RCA cable.
  7. ADAT
    (Alesis Digital Audio tape)
  8. Edge Track
    Vulnerable part of tape
  9. Soffit
    Large monitors above console for when mix down is done.
  10. Wire & Cable
    - Used to carry and electric current. Made from low resistance metals (i.e. Copper). Cables.
  11. Switches
    permit, interrupt, or direct current to various points.
  12. Relays
    An electromagnetic switch.  Coil produces magnetic field and closes switch contact.
  13. Resistors
    Electronic component which limits current. (carbon powder in a medium)
  14. Variable Resistors
    (Potentiometers) Used to change resistance.
  15. Capacitors
    Store electrons. (used in power supply to smooth out current).
  16. Transformers
    -Transform voltage and current to higher or lower levels. -Electronic component which is two or more windings (coils) wrapped around a common core.
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