Bio Final: Seeds (2)

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  1. Explain the first seed-bearing plant
    • a.       Archaeosperma
    •                                                                i.      Integumentary lobes not totally fused
    • Filamentous tip and sterile branch give slightly more protection 
  2. Explain Elkinsia
    - age
    - seeds
    - lobes
    - branching
    - group member of?
    • a.       5 million years older (365 million years)
    •                                                                i.      Has two “seeds”; immature so they are called ovules
    •                                                              ii.      Integumentary lobes have not fused as much as Archaeosperma
    •                                                             iii.      Other vegetative branches called cupules
    • Probably part of a group of plants called the seed fern
  3. What are seed ferns?

    - existence?
    - time frame
    - peak
    - structure
    - seeds
    - ancestry
    •                                                                i.      No longer around; totally extinct
    •                                                              ii.      Existed from about 360 mil years ago to 180 mil years ago
    •                                                             iii.      Reached their peak about the same time that the ferns and club mosses and horsetails did, about 300 million years ago
    •                                                            iv.      Like small trees and considered gymnosperms (seed not enclosed in fruit; it is a naked seed); a few were vine like
    •                                                              v.      Seeds vary from a fraction of an inch to four inches in length
    •                                                            vi.      Could have been ancestral to other seed-producing plants
  4. How would you tell the difference between the leaf of a true fern and the leaf of seed fern?
                                                                   i.      If it has sori, it’s a true fern; if it has a seed, it’s a seed fern
  5. Nobody put the idea of fern and seed like foliage together until __.
  6. a.       The placement of these seeds depends on the seed fern
    • 1.       Seeds can do a number of things
    • a.       Pinnae so that one of the places you can find seeds is replacing one of the lateral pinnae
    • b.      The other may replace the pinnae at the end of the leaf
    • c.       The other is right at the tip of the pinnae
    • d.      Can also be lying on the surface of the pinna
  7. a.       Seed ferns evolved from __
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