The First Moroccan Crisis (1905)

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  1. What were the four main reasons which explain why World War one began in 1914?
    • Militarism 
    • Nationalism 
    • Alliances
    • Imperialism  
  2. Which of these focuses on the First Moroccan Crisis?
    Imperialism - they wanted an empire of 'place under the sun'
  3. Give me some background?
    As part of the Entente Cordaile, Britain had agreed not to oppose France in its attempts to gain control of Morocco, again IMPERIALISM 
  4. What did Germany want?
    A place under the sun, they had a strong army and wanted more overseas territory
  5. What happened?
    Germany decided that it would oppose the French and attempt to gain control of Morocco and they were confident that Britain and France would not support each other over such a matter
  6. What happened in 31st March 1905?
    On the 31st March 1905 he sailed over to Morocco, rode around on his white horse and made a speech declaring his support for Moroccan independence
  7. Outcome of this?
    Caused a lot of tension, it tested the alliance but ended up strengthening the relationship between Britain and France.

    Tensions in Germany also increased
  8. Developed statements.....'France had expressed a desire to expand their colonial possessions in north Africa'
    This causes Germany to take more aggressive action in order to ensure that they would not be left behind in the race for colonial possession
  9. The Kaiser visited the Tangiers in order to promote the cause of Moroccan independence
    This can be seen with the Kaiser haven ridden around the streets of Morocco on a white horse on the 31st March 1905. He'd eventually overplayed his role making speeches about Moroccan independence.
  10. The Kaiser decided to intervene in Morocco in order to test the strength of the Entente Cordiale
    Germany had intended to split Britain and France up, but in face the Entente strengthened. This was seen when Britain agreed to sent troops to help France if Germany attacked it.
  11. The Kaiser called for an international conference to be held to discuss the issue, which had the potential to derail French plans
    Although the Kaiser wanted it to, this never happened. This was seen when delegates from 13 nations met in Algerciras, however only Austria-Hungary and Morocco supported Germany.
  12. France was consequently in joint control with Spain of the Moroccan police force
    The Kaiser had only strengthened the relationship with in the Entente Coriale as both countries wanted to protect their overseas colonies.
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