The Agadir Crisis, 1911

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  1. What were the causes?
    In 1911 there was a rebellion against the sultan of Morocco. France used this as an opportunity to move in and take power, so they did this by sending a flying column over in April, 1911
  2. How did Germany react to this?
    Badly, Germany was not happy with the compensation offered form France and demanded that a compromise was made.
  3. How did Germany respond?
    The sent their gunboat, the Panter to the port of Agadir
  4. How did Britain see this as a threat?
    They thought that the Kaiser was going to try and set up a naval base in Morocco
  5. What was Germany given in compensation
    A large area of the French congo as a colony, however this was regarded as worthless
  6. What outcomes came after this?
    Germany was forced to back down and felt humiliated, again.

    Increased tension between the nations, war was now a real threat in 1911.
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