Criminal Investigation sex crimes

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  1. Define SEX
    Sex is what makes you feel good
  2. Motives for commission of a crime:
    • Greed
    • Jealousy
    • Revenge
    • Power
    • Fear
    • Insanity
    • Sex
  3. Normal Sex/Love (non-pathological)
    Non-Pathological... interested in the whole person

    (use  of sexual fantasies, behaviors, objects can be normal, Unusual or deviant sex practives are common and can be healthy...)

    Consenting Adults
  4. Abnormal Sex/Love (pathological)
    singular Focus on one aspect of the person

  5. Non-Pathological
    Non-Pathological = Normal
  6. Pathological
    Pathological = Abnormal... or related or caused by a disease
  7. Paraphilia
    • sexual Fantasies, behaviors, or objects that lead to clinically significant distress, or impairment...
    • a type of abnormal sex characterized by a preference for or obsession with unusual sexual practice
  8. Exhibitionism
    • Publicly exhibit parts of, or the entire body
    • unconsenting/unsuspecting victims
    • (Flasher)
  9. Voyeurism
    • (peeping tom)
    • being sexually stimulated by secretly watching or looking at sexual acts or objects
  10. Sub- Voyeurism 
    Sexual act with others. three people having sex, with one person only watching, and the other two acting.
  11. Sub- Voyeurism
    the sexual arousal through the taking of photographs and/or viewing them after
  12. Frotteurism
    The non-consensual touching or rubbing of victims...
  13. Kleptomania
    • Compulsive stealing
    • (key is in the RISK itself)
  14. Zoophilia/beastiality
    sex between humans & Animals
  15. zoophiles
    • non-sexual attraction fro animals; romantic petting/fondling
    • NO SEX
  16. Coprophilia/Scatophilia
    • Sexual pleasure from feces; handling, eating, smearing, smelling etc.
    • Coprophilia- witnesses the act of defecation
  17. Urophilia
    the erotic stimulus from viewing, handling, drinking, etc of urine
  18. pygmalionism/agalmatophilia
    Sexual desire for statues, dolls, mannequins, blow up dolls
  19. pyromania
    • compulsive fire setting; arousal through the smell, sight, or feel of fire.
    • Fire/water complex - setting fires and urinating on them
  20. Flagellation
    whipping, flogging, or beating someone (or self) for sexual arousal
  21. necrophilia
    sex with dead people
  22. piquerism
    the sexual arousal in penetrating the skin of another person, or self

    sometimes can cause death

    targets: breast, butt, Groin

    Exmaple: albert fish put nails in his pelvis
  23. Anthropophagy/ Cannibalism
    Eating Human Flesh For sexual Arousal
  24. Incest
    Intercourse between closely related persons; those prohibited by law from marrying
  25. Pedophilia
    primary or exclusive sexual interest in prepubescent children
  26. Cain Complex
    Aggressive rivalry between siblings for affection of one of their parents

    Example: Ed Gein killed his brother for pissing his mom off
  27. Oedipus complex
    sexual desire of son for mother; antagonism towards father

    very common many serial killers have unnatural relationships with their mother
  28. Electra Complex
    opposite of oedipus, 

    sexual desire of daughter for father, antagonism towards mother
  29. Narcissism
    Pathologically high evaluation of, and absorption in oneself.

    example: ted bundy
  30. Nymphomania
    Morbid, abnormal and uncontrollable sex desire in a female
  31. Satyriasis
    morbid abnormal and uncontrollable sex desire in a male
  32. Distinguishing and motivating influences in sex crimes (7)
    • 1) Motivate from within
    • 2) Manifested in strange ways
    • 3) Fantasy
    • 4) Fetishism 
    • 5) Sadism
    • 6) Masochism
    • 7) Sado-Masochism
  33. Sadism
    Aggressive actions directed against another; sexual arousal/satisfaction through inflicting pain or watching others inflict pain.

    Physical and/or psychological cruelty is a central role in sexual functioning

    Is about eroticized aggression and victim suffering
  34. Divisions of sadism (7)
    • 1) Symbolic Sadism 
    • 2) Defilement
    • 3) Aggressive Cruelty
    • 4) sadism w/ Children
    • 5) sadistic acts w/ animals
    • 6) mutilation of corpses (necrophilia)
    • 7) Lust murder (erotophonophilia)
  35. 1) Symbolic Sadism
    Ridiculing, insulting or causing "indirect" harm
  36. 2) Defilement (Sadism)
    humiliate, show contempt for, or desire to defile with disgusting or foul things.

     verbally or by throwing, smearing or covering with a substance; often symbolic
  37. 3) aggressive cruelty (Sadism)
    Beating, raping, flagellation (whipping), stabbing
  38. 4) Sadism w/ Children
    Superego; god complex
  39. 5) Sadistic acts w/ animals
    • Maiming. chasing, beating, killing, etc...
    • example: crush videos
  40. 6) Mutilations of corpses - Necrophilia (Sadism)
    Necrophilia, may be dual satisfaction; symbolic sadism
  41. 7) Lust Murder (sadism)
    a sexual killing, involving mutilating attacks to the breast, genitals, or rectum, often post mortem
  42. Masochism (3)
    • 1) Masochistic hangings (Autoerotic Asphyxia)
    • 2) Bondage
    • 3) Infibulation (self torture of the genitals)
  43. Fetishism (4)
    • 1) Partialism (parts of the body) - Hands, feet, eyes, breast, hair. etc
    • 2) Article of apparel - Panties, bras, shoes, gloves, panty-hose, etc... often necessary that the clothing was previously worn by the woman
    • 3) Type of material - Leather, Rubber, latex
    • 4) Acts and attitudes - mannerisms; made of dress, demeanor, voice etc.
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