LET Day 4 Review

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  1. What is required to do during pretrip activities in the engine room?
    • 3 fluid levels:
    • Oil
    • Coolant
    • Air compressor oil

    All protective devices (do not reset crankcase over pressure)
  2. Where are the fuel filters on an EMD engine?
    Front Right
  3. What are the names of the fuel filters on an EMD engine?
    • Return
    • Bypass
  4. What are the steps to add water to a locomotive?
    • 1. Note sight glass
    • 2. Shut engine down if running
    • 3. Wait 4 minutes
    • 4. Note sight glass
    • 5. Vent for 1 minute
    • 6. Fill if low on water
  5. Where is the emergency fuel cutoff located?
    • Engine control panel
    • Either side by fuel tank
    • Some start stations
  6. Where is the MU Stop on an AAR control stand?
    Throttle Stop
  7. Where is the MU shutdown located on a desktop control stand?
    Overhead Console
  8. What switch on the control stand has to be on to start the engine?
    Control/Fuel Pump Switch
  9. When is starting a diesel engine prohibited?
    • 1. Hot engine and low lube oil indications are displayed at the same time
    • 2. Crankcase over pressure is tripped
    • 3. Indication of a governor shutdown occurs two consecutive times
  10. How do you know the fuel system is primed?
    • Sight glass is full
    • 30 psi on gauge
    • Prime for 30 seconds
  11. What is the max crank time to crank when starting a locomotive?
    30 seconds
  12. After the locomotive has shut down 2 times (inspections showed nothing wrong after the first shutdown) what should you do?
    • Call mechanical desk
    • Only permitted to attempt to start 2 times
  13. What are the steps to shut down an engine?
    • 1. Isolate to start
    • 2. Stop engine by pressing the engine stop button
    • 3. Open radio breaker
    • 4. Open battery knife
  14. When a locomotive, in your charge is standing, and the temperature is 15 degrees or less, what do you do?
    • 1. Place reverser in center position
    • 2. Generator field in off position
    • 3. Throttle in #3
  15. What are the 2 things required of PPE?
    Approved and Appropriate
  16. When should you look both ways while on or about tracks?
    • When getting on and/or off equipment
    • When moving under or between equipment
    • When throwing a switch
    • Fouling or crossing a track
  17. What is required when engine displays HOT ENGINE and LOW WATER?
    Do nothing and contact Mechanical Desk
  18. Where is the low water and crankcase over pressure located on an EMD engine?
    Front Left
  19. Where is the Low Oil Pressure Device (LOPD) located on an EMD engine?
    Front Center on Governor
  20. Where is the Engine Overspeed Lever located on an EMD engine?
    Behind the governor
  21. Where is the Governor located on an EMD engine?
    Front Center
  22. Where is the Governor located on a GE engine?
    Right Rear
  23. Where is the Overspeed Link located on a GE engine?
    Right Rear
  24. Where is the Crankcase Over Pressure located on a GE engine?
    Left Rear
  25. When starting an engine, what order should you do so?
    • Cab
    • Engine Room
    • Start Station
  26. When dealing with locomotives that have special instructions pertaining to shutting them down, how should they be shut down?
    Follow the shutdown instructions inside the cab
  27. What to do inside the cab to start an engine?
    • Battery Knife
    • All circuit breakers
    • Control/Fuel pump switch
    • Fuse
    • MU switch is not pressed
    • Isolation switch to start
  28. How can all locomotives that are on-line in a consist be shut down at once in the case of an emergency?
    • MU Shutdown button
    • Throttle to stop
  29. When a locomotive has been operating in #8, how long should you wait to shut it down?
    30 minutes
  30. What is the one circuit that has to be left open on all locomotives?
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