Change Management

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  1. Types of Change
    • structural
    • cost cutting
    • process
    • cultural
    • strategic
  2. Steps of Change management
    • create motivation for change
    • articulate shared vision/desired outcomes
    • identify necessary leadership
    • build momentum by creating short-term wins
    • institutionalize success through formal processes, systems and structures
    • monitor and adjust strategies as necessary
  3. Conditions that enable change
    • effective organizational leadership
    • high employee/follower motivation
    • collaborative culture
    • "felt need' for change (crisis, competition, etc.)
  4. Effective leadership during change
    • leverage and build credibility
    • offer an inclusive vision of change outcomes
    • explain character and benefits of change
    • recruit and motivate key stakeholders
    • understand and address key barriers
  5. Motivational foundations for Change
    • encouraging participative work
    • giving employees a voice
    • driving out fear
  6. Communicating change
    • what is the change program?
    • what will the change program plans do?
    • why is the change taking place?
    • what is the scope of the change program?
    • what hurdles stand in the way of implementation?
    • what are the criteria for success?
    • how will people be rewarded for success?
  7. Institutionalizing change - Enabling structures
    • pilot programs
    • training programs¬†
    • reward systems
  8. Institutionalizing change - Permanent structures
    • structures
    • budgets
    • processes
    • culture
    • strategy
  9. Effective implementation strategies
    • keep it simple
    • include those who are affected
    • structure tasks in achievable chunks
    • specify roles and responsibilities
    • remain flexible

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