What did each Country Want in the Balkans?

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  1. Which empire was declining which meant that lots of land and independence was up for grabs?
    The Ottoman Empire
  2. What did many nationalists in the Balkans want?
    Independance from the Austro-Hungarian rule
  3. Austria-Hungary
    Lots of nationalist independence movements, including several million Serbs who wanted to join Serbia.

    They were worried about the Ottoman decline, as well as the expansion of Russian influence. 

    Austria-Hungary's control over Bosnia-Herzegovina was against Russian wishes but supported by Germany
  4. Russia
    She wanted sea access to the Mediterranean through the Dardanelles and therefore needed friendly countries in control there

    Saw opportunities to do well out of the Ottoman decline

    Keen to promote Slav nationalism - (Russia had lots of Slavs)

    Objected to Austria-Hungary's control over Bosnia-Herzegovina

    Serbia looked to Russia for support.
  5. Ottoman Empire
    It was the Turkish empire with a lot of land

    Controlled the Dardanelles which was a crucial shipping centre 

    Britain backed the Ottoman empire to stop Russia getting an access route into the Mediterranean  

    European territories wanted to break free from Ottoman control 

    Very weak, poor and corrupt
  6. Quick summary into the background of the Balklans
    Slav territories wanted independence

    Russia encouraged Slav independence to gain sea access and to increase their own influence 

    Austria-Hungary tried to stop Slav independance 

    Ottomans tried to keep hold of their European territories
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