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  1. Gallons in a barrel
  2. Distribution of oil products
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  3. When does engine knocking occur?
    Fuel spontaneously ignites under pressure in cylinder, too much heptane, not enough octane.
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    • Jack pump
    • -syringe
    • -nodding donkey
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    How much can an oil tanker hold?
    3M barrels ($300M)
  6. Temperature crude oil is heated to
    700 deg F
  7. Most important part of refinery
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    Distillation Column
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    David Ware cutting a wheel.  It is a cutting insert that attaches to the wrapper after it gets worn from wire with shards on it.
  9. Luis' kids
    • Son-7
    • Daughter-1
  10. Why so much WIP?

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    Waiting to receive the premium ports so we just have to buck.
  11. Why are these joints with tubing in PWHT?

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    They are being finalled.  They are too short for finals area.
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    4 buttons to press to run
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  13. Glenn's grandkid in Spring
    • Christopher
    • 2 years old
  14. Dectrick's kids
    • 16 y/o daughter-getting ready to drive
    • 11 y/0 son-plays football
  15. First 5 EMS Standards
    Std 01: Journey Management and   Driving Std 02: Event Reporting and   Management Std 03: Personal Protective   Equipment Std 04: Business Continuity,   Emergency and Crisis Management Std 05: Training and Competency
  16. Paul Vidouria's family
    • mid 20s daughter in Florida (2 kids)
    • mid 20s daughter in Georgia (1 kid)
    • 10 year old daughter, Angelina.  Leuk when 3.
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