Case Study, International Migration - Mexico ----> USA

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  1. In a nutshell...
    Mass migration from Mexico to America, inbeticuarlly California.
  2. How long is the border between the 2 countries
  3. How many Mexicans migrate to the USA each year?
    1m Mexicans
  4. What's a Mexican's favorite sport?
    Cross Country
  5. In 1995, how many were caught and deported?
    In 1995, 850,000 were caught and deported trying to cross
  6. Methods used by the American police to stop this?
    Thermal Imaging - too see them at night

    Lots of high fences


    Dedicated border control
  7. Normal jobs the Mexicans take?
    Mainly the dirty jobs in the informal sector, also hotels, agriculture, cleaning and restaurateurs
  8. When did mass migration begin from the 2 countries?
  9. How many times bigger is the GNP in the USA compared to Mexico?
  10. How many times greater is Mexican unemployment compared to American unemployment?
  11. How many months do you have to work in the USA to earn a Mexican's yearly salary?
    Working in America you make what you'd previously have made in Mexican in 3-4 months
  12. What are the push factors with Mexico?
    • Poor medical facilities - 1800 per doctor
    • Low paid jobs - (GNP = $3750)
    • Adult literacy rates 55% - poor education prospects
    • Life expectancy 72 years
    • 40% Unemployed

    General better quality of life
  13. Pull factors for the USA?
    • Excellent medical facilities - 400 per doctor
    • Well paid jobs - GNP = $24,750)
    • Adult literacy rates 99% - good education prospects
    • Life expectancy 76 yrs
    • Many jobs available for low paid workers such as Mexicans
  14. What are the impacts on the USA?
    Illegal migration costs the USA millions of dollars for border patrols and prisons

    Mexicans are seen as a drain on the USA economy

    Migrant workers keep wages low which affects Americans

    They cause problems in cities due cultural and racial issues

    Mexican migrants benefit the US economy by working for low wages

    Mexican culture has enriched the US border states with food, language and music

    The incidents of TB has been increasing greatly due to the increased migration
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