Day 25

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  1. aim
    v. 1. attempt, aspire, point, intend    목표하다

    n. 2. goal, objective, target       목적
  2. allocate
    v. designate, earmark, distribute, allot  책정하다, 배분하다, 할당하다

    The plan allocates $24 million to City Opera for a new theater
  3. attributed to
    phr. explained by         ~에서 기인한, ~로 설명되는

    Tidal patterns have been attributed to the gravity of the moon.
  4. authenticate
    v. verify, substantiate, prove    입증하다, 증명하다
  5. confuse
    v. disturb, disconcert, confound    혼란시키다
  6. debate
    n. discussion, argument, controversy  논쟁
  7. detractor
    n. critic                험담하는 사람, 폄하하는사람

    The President's detractors expressed their usual skepticism about her policies.
  8. disguise
    v. conceal, hide, camouflage, cloak   속이다, 감추다, 변장하다, 위장하다

    In order to disguise their secret hideout, children placed leafy tree branches all over the roof
  9. dissent
    v. differ, disagree             반대,의견을 달리하다

    Scientists dissent about the role of instinct in human behavior.
  10. distinguish
    v. differentiate, tell apart, separate   구별하다

    Its overall design distinguishes Chinese architecture from that of Japan
  11. draw
    v. attract, haul, pull, tug, drag      끌다
  12. drawback
    n. disadvantage, defect, shortcoming  결점, 문제점
  13. dye
    n. pigment, stain          염료, 물감
  14. emit
    v. give off, exhale, release. shed, radiate  발산하다, (빛,열,소리 등을) 내다

    in the fireplace was a red-hot fire which emitted a small amount of smoke.
  15. expose
    v. exhibit, subject, uncover, reveal  드러내다

    Hemingway did not want to expose his life to everyone.
  16. flawless
    adj. perfect, impeccable, faultless    흠없는
  17. frustrate
    v. disappoint, thwart      좌절시키다
  18. full (2)
    adj. 1. complete, whole, perfect   완전한

    adj. 2. through, minute, detailed        상세한
  19. indicate
    v. suggest, imply, signal             넌지시 비추다, 나타내다
  20. initially
    adv. at first, originally, primarily, in the beginning                  처음에
  21. innovative
    adj. original, inventive, creative, ingenious  기발한, 혁신적인
  22. landslide
    n. rockfall, landslip                산사태
  23. malady
    n. disease, ailment, illness           병, 심각한 문제

    There's no simple cure to the smog-induced malady
  24. minimize (2)
    v. 1. decrease, reduce, discount          줄이다

    v. 2. underestimate         과소평가하다
  25. order
    n. 1. direction, mandate, command    명령

    n. 2. peace                       질서, 조화
  26. prohibit
    v. forbid, proscribe                    금지하다
  27. reduce
    v. diminish, decrease, curtail, lessen   감소시키다
  28. reveal
    v. show, unveil, uncover, expose     드러내다
  29. shed light on
    phr. clarify, elucidate      ~을 명백히 하다, 밝히다, 해명하다

    New discoveries in cancer research may shed light on the mysteries of this deadly disease.
  30. sink
    v. descend, drop to the bottom, submerge  가라앉다
  31. size
    n. dimensions, proportions, volume   크기
  32. slope
    n. declivity, inclination, slant           경사
  33. subside
    v. abate, die down               진정되다, 가라앉다

    John's headache gradually began to subside after taking some medicine.
  34. take place
    phr. occur, happen, befall           발생하다
  35. underground
    adj. secret, clandestine, covert     비밀의, 지하의
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