Chinese Chapter 2, Dialogue 1 Vocabulary and Grammar Rules

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  1. Vocab: That
    那; Nà
  2. Vocab/Grammar: Possessive/ descriptive particle
    • 的; de
    • Indicates a possessive relationship
    • Appears between the possessor and the possessed.
    • Often omitted in colloquial speech after a personal pronoun and before a kinship term
    • I.e. Wang Pend de mama.
  3. Vocab: Picture; Photo
    照片; Zhàopiàn
  4. Vocab: This
    这; Zhè
  5. Vocab: Father
    爸爸; Bàba
  6. Vocab: Mother
    妈妈; Māmā
  7. Vocab/Grammar: Measure word for many common everyday objects
    • 个; gè
    • Measure words are inserted between the number and the noun.
    • I.e. yi ge ren.
  8. Vocab: Female
    女; Nǚ
  9. Vocab: child
    孩子; Háizi
  10. Vocab: who
    谁; Shuí
  11. Vocab: She; her
    她; Tā
  12. Vocab: Older sister
    姐姐; Jiejie
  13. Vocab: Male
    男; Nán
  14. Vocab: Younger Brother
    弟弟; Dìdì
  15. Vocab: he; him
    他; Tā
  16. Vocab: Eldest brother
    大哥; Dàgē
  17. Vocab: Son
    儿子; Érzi
  18. Vocab: to have; to exist
    有; Yǒu
  19. Vocab: Daughter
    女儿; Nǚ'ér
  20. Vocab: Not
    没; Méi
  21. Name Recognition: Gao Wenzhong
  22. Grammar:谁
    • 谁 is a Question pronoun. 
    • Question pronouns replace the original subject of a declarative sentence. 
    • I.E. Na ge nu haizi shi Li You --> Shei shi Li You.
    • Explanation: That girl is Li You ---> Who is Li You.
  23. Grammar: 有 and 没
    • 有 is always negated with 没
    • I.E. Wang Xiansheng you did ma? -> Wang xiansheng meiyou didi.
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