A2 Physics PH5 B-fields

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  1. How does a Linear accelerator work?
    • 1.Proton is accelerated to right towards -ve tube.
    • 2. When proton inside tube, direction of pd changes (no force acting on it in tube).
    • 3. When proton is in next gap second tube is negative.
    • 4. Electric field accelerates it again
  2. How does the proton maintain always being accelerated in the Linear accelerator
    • 1. p.d synchronised, proton must be in tube to when pd changes direction.
    • 2. Frequency remains constant
    • 3. Increas the lengths of tube and gaps between them because proton is travelling a greater distance every time.
  3. How does a cyclotron work?
    • 1. Proton is accelerated across gap between 2 dees by anĀ electric field.
    • 2. The magnetic field maintains circular motion
    • 3. Speed of proton increases so radius of circle increases.
    • 4. Proton spirals out and leaves cycloton.
  4. Is the frequency changing in a cyclotron?
    No, frequency is a constant. Equate circular acceleration and force on a charged particle, get frequency and see the constants.
  5. How does a synchrotron work?
    • 1. Speed increase due to changing electric field.
    • 2. Charged particles performing circular motion due to B-field.
    • 3. Acceleration occur 4 times per orbit.
  6. How does synchrotron maintain constant radius?
    • 1. B-field increases in strength as particles move quicker.
    • 2. Frequency of ac supply increases.
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