PH5 (syllabus) definitions

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  1. Define capacitance of a capacitor
    Charge on either plate/pd between plates
  2. What is the magnetic field strength?
    Vector quantity. Direction in which the north pole of a freely pivoted magnet points.
  3. What is magneti flux?
    AB cos(x) where A is the area the single coil encloses
  4. State faraday's law
    When the flux linking an electrical circuit is changing, an ef is induced in the circuit of magnitude equal to the rate of change of flux linkage.
  5. State Lenz's law
    The induced emf tends to oppose the change that causes it.
  6. What is root-mean-square value?
  7. What is the half - life of a nuclide?
    The time taken for the number of radioactive nuclei N to reduce to one half of the initial value. (Unit s)
  8. What is activity?
    The rate of decay of a sample of radioactive nuclei (unit Bq)
  9. Define the decay constant?
    ln(2)/T(1/2). Determines the rate of decay
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