Chinese Chapter 7, Dialogue 1 Vocabulary and Grammar

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  1. Vocab: to talk
    说话; Shuōhuà
  2. Vocab: the previous one
    上个; Shàng gè
  3. Vocab: structural particle
    的; de
  4. Vocab: To review
    复习; Fùxí
  5. Vocab: to write
    写; Xiě
  6. Vocab: Character
    字; Zì
  7. Vocab: Slow
    慢; Màn
  8. Vocab: MW for flat objects, papers, etc
    张; Zhāng
  9. Vocab: Pen
    笔; Bǐ
  10. Vocab: MW for long thin inflexible objects such as pens
    枝; Zhī
  11. Vocab: Paper
    纸; Zhǐ
  12. Vocab: to teach
    教; Jiào
  13. Vocab: how; how come
    怎么; Zěnme
  14. Vocab: To Understand
    懂; Dǒng
  15. Vocab: really
    真; Zhēn
  16. Vocab: where
    哪里; Nǎlǐ
  17. Vocab: to preview
    预习; Yùxí
  18. Vocab: to study
    学; Xue
  19. Vocab: Prefix for ordinal numbers
    第; Dì
  20. Vocab: Grammar
    语法; Yǔfǎ
  21. Vocab: Easy
    容易; Róngyì
  22. Vocab: new words; vocabulary
    生词; Shēngcí
  23. Vocab: many; much
    多; duo
  24. Vocab: Chinese Characters
    汉字; Hanzi
  25. Vocab: difficult
    难; Nán
  26. Grammar: Descriptive Complements with 的
    • 的 can be used after a verb or an adjective
    • IS used when an adjective is a compliment to a verb
    • I.E. Ta xie zi xie de hen hao.
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