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    • Artist name: Richard Serra
    • Painting name: The matter of time 2005  
    • Installation
    • Content: he directly addresses the relation of sculpture to both time and space. The sculpture possesses both a physical presence and time.
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    • Artist's name: Giovanni da Bologna 
    • Painting's name: The rape of the Sabine Women. Completed 1583. 
    • Content: Its figures rise in a spiral and the sculpture changes dramatically as the viewer walks around it and experiences it from each side.
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    • Artist name: Michelangelo.
    • Painting's name: "Atlas" slave. C. 1513-20
    • Content: The block of stone resists Michelangelo's  desire to transform it as it refusing to release the figure it holds enslaved within it. Atlas, confemned to bearing the weight of the world on his shoulders forever as punishment for challenging the Greek gods is literally held captive in the stone.
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    • Tomb of the emperor Qin Shihuangdi 
    • Painted ceramic figures. 
    • Content: Qin Shihuangdi united the country under one rule and imposed order, establishing a single code of law and requiring the use of a single written language. Compared to Arneson's rough work between the two of them we can see how versatile clay is as a material.
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    • Artist name: Auguste Rodin 
    • Painting's name: The Burghers of Calais 
    • Bronze 
    • Content: The large pieces cas in several pieces and then welded together. Eacg figure is caught up in his own thoughts. Their hands and feet are purposefully elongated, exaggerating their pathos.
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    • Robert Gober
    • Painting's name: Untitled. 1999
    • Plaster, Beeswax, human hair, cotton, leather, aluminum and enamel. 
    • Content: Sculpture assemblages evolve from fragments of our everyday domestic lives that are juxtaposed with one another to create haunting objects that seem to exist halfway between reality and the fitful nightmare of a dreamscape.
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    • Artist name: Eva Hesse 
    • Painting's name: Contingent 1969
    • Reinforced fiberglass and latex over cheesecloth 
    • Content: rope, latex, rubberized cheesecloth, fiberglass and cheap synthetic fabrics. It can catch light in differenct ways producing different colors an effect almost impossible to capture in a photograph.
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    • Artist name: Nancy Rubins
    • Painting's name: Pleasure Point 
    • Nautical vessels, stainless steel and stainless steek wire
    • Content: It is created to be place in specific places. they can be modified to fit into any number of spaces.
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    • Artisit name: Robert Smithson 
    • Painting's name: Spiral Jetty April 1970
    • Great salt lake, Utah 
    • Content: Earthworks medium (example). It is literally a landscape.
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    • Artist: Nancy Holt
    • Painting's name: Sun Tunnels Great Basin Dessert Utah 
    • Four tunnels 
    • Content: Align with the rising and setting of the sun during the summer and winter solstices.
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    • Marina Abramovic 
    • Impoderabilia
    • Performance at the Galleria 
    • Content: They stood less than a foot apart, naked and facing each other in the main entrance to the gallery so that people entering the space to chich body male or female to as they squeeze between them. People were confronting their own attitudes about sexuality and gender.
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    • Artist name: Josiah Wedgwood 
    • Painting's name:Wedgwood Queen’s Ware.c 1850
    • Content: Wedgwood did two types of pottery this one is called "useful ware." This one was relatively cheaper. With the new machine there was mass-production which made it more available to the people.
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    • Artist name: Hon'ami Koetso
    • Painting's name: Tea Bowl named Amagumo 
    • Content: This is an example of slab construction. the tea bowl has  special place in the Japanese tea ceremony the way of the Tea.
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    • Artist name: Mari Montoya Martinez
    • Painting's name: Jar c. 1939
    • Content: This is an example of coiling i which the clay is rolled out in long rope like strands that are coiled on top of each other and then smoothed. They created to preserve culture.
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    • Artist name: Judy Chicago 
    • Painting's name: The Dinner Party 
    • Mixed media
    • Content: "women's work." She created a visual celebrating a woman who has made an important contribution to world history. It was controversial because each plate has a figure in form of a vagina. Society in the 1970's could not accept it because they saw it as pornography.
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    • Artist name: Dale Chihuly 
    • Painting's name: Rotunda Chandelier 
    • Glass
    • Content: He transform medium from utilitarian purposes into more sculptural ends. They are installation pieces designed to animate large interior spaces.
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    • Painter name: Fred Wilson, artist/curator.
    • Painting's name: Mining the Museum.
    • Installation
    • Content: He placed a set of iron slave shackles, underscoring the fact that Maryland's luxury economy was built on slavery. Also place a whipping post.
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    • Artist name: Marilyn Lanfear.
    • Painting's name: Aunt Billie, from the triptych Uncle Clarence’s Three Wives
    • Mother of pearl and bone buttons sewn. The buttons create an image that is composed if large pixel-like dots. Portrait of the artist's aunts. The overall effect is dreamlike.
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    • Artist name: Mesa Verde 
    • Painting's name: Spuce tree house c. 1200-1300CE
    • Content: Reflects a similar relation between humans and their environment. It brought the people liven there closer to their origin and therefore to the source of their strength
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    • Artist: The lion gate Mycenae Greece 1250BCE
    • Content: This is a representation of post and lintel.
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    • Pont du Gard, near Nimes, France. Late first century BCE
    • Content: This is an example of colonnade. A series of arches could be made to span a wide canyon with relative ease. it is an aqueduct used to carry water from the distant hills to the roman compound in Nimes France.
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    • Artist: Gustave Eiffel 
    • Architecture name: Eiffel Tower 1887-89
    • Content: During that time was one of the tallest structure. The problem was how to build something of the that height. the solution was construct a skeleton. It inaugurated the global electronic network.
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    • Artist name: Frank Lloyd Wright 
    • Architecture name: Robie house Chicago Illinois 1909 
    • Content: Consider one of the first truly modern architect. The ultimate expression is called "Prairie House" It was organic in his point of view. This is an example of cantilever.
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    • Artist name: Frank Lloyd Wright 
    • Painting's name: Fallingwater Kaufmann House Bear Run PA 1936
    • Content: Believe that the first the building should be conceive in the imagination. Engineers and contractor did not trust on him, because he used few support for the house.
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    • Artist name: Mies der Rohe and Philip Johnson 
    • Architecture name: Segram Building NY 1958 
    • Content: It was what was called International Style skyscrapper.
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    • Artist name: Eero Saarinen 
    • aRCHITECTURE NAME: TWA terminal John F Kennedy 
    • Content: Rejected the International Style. Defined by a contrast between the openness provided by the broad expanses of window and the sculptural mass of the reinforced concreted walls and roof.
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    • Artist name: Frank Gehry 
    • Architecture name: Guggenheim Museum Bibao 1997 
    • Content: He moves too quickly frim such sketches to actual scale models.
  28. Additive (Modeling)
    In sculpture and adjective used to describe the process in which the form is built up shaped and enlarged by the addition of materials.
  29. Subtractive
    An adjective used to described the process in which form is discovered by the removal of materials.
  30. Assemblage (Construction)
    An additive sculptural process which various and diver elements and objects are combined.
  31. Casting (replacement)
    The process of making sculpture by pouring molten material (often bronze) into a old bearing the sculpture's impressions.
  32. Contrapposto
    The disposition of the human figure in which the hips and legs are tuned into opposition to the shoulders and chest creating counter positioning of the body.
  33. Earthworks
    An environment that is out of doors.
  34. Low (bas) relief
    A sculpture in which the figures and object remain attached to a background plane and project off of it by less than one half their normal depth.
  35. High (Haut) relief
    A sculpture in which the figures and objects remain attached to a background plane and project off of it by at least half their normal depth.
  36. Ceramic
    Objects formed out of clay and then hardened by diring in a very how oven a kiln.
  37. Collage
    A work made by pasting various scraps or pieces of material cloth, paper, photograph into the surface.
  38. Earthenware
    A type of ceramic made of porous clay and fired at low temperature that must be glazed if it is to hold liquid.
  39. Embroidery
    A traditional fiber art in which the design is made by needlework
  40. Firing
    The process of baking a ceramic object in a very hot oven or kiln.
  41. Kiln
    An oven used to bake ceramics
  42. Mixed media
    The combination of two or more media in a single work
  43. Porcelain
    The type of ceramic fired at the highest temperature that becomes virtually translucent and extremely glossy in finish
  44. Slab Construction
    A method of ceramic contructiong in which clay is rolled out flat like pie and then shaped by hand
  45. slip
    liquid clay used in decorating ceramic objects
  46. Tapestry
    A special kind of weaving in which the weft, yearns are of several colors that the weaver manipulates to make a design or image.
  47. Weaving
    A technique for constructing fabrics by means of interlacing horizontal and vertical threads.
  48. Barrel Vault
    A masonry roof constructed on the principle of the arch that is in essence a continuous series if arches one behind the other.
  49. Cantilever
    An architectural form that projects horizontally from its support, employed especially after the development of reinforced concrete construction techniques.
  50. Colonnade
    A row of columns set at regular intervals around the building and supporting the base of the roof.
  51. Column
    A vertical architectural support consisting of a shaft topped by a capital and sometimes including a base.
  52. Entablature
    The part of the building above the capitals of the column and below the roof
  53. Entasis
    the slight swelling in a column design to make the column appear straight to the eye
  54. Fluting
    the shallow vertical groover or channels on a column
  55. Flying buttress
    On a Gothic church an exterior arch that opposes the lateral thrust of an arch or vault as a barrel vault arching inward toward the exterior wall from the top of an exterior column or pier.
  56. Groin vault
    A masonry roof constructed in the arch principle and consisting of two barrel vaults intersecting at right angles to each other.
  57. Pointed Arch
    An arch that is not semicircular but rather rises more steeply to a point at its top.
  58. post and lintel
    A system of building in which two post support a crosspiece or lintel that spans the distance between them.
  59. Shell system
    one of two basic structural systems in which one basic material both provides the structural support and the outside covering of a building.
  60. skeleton and skin system
    One of two basic structural systems which consists of an interior frame the skeleton that supports the more fragile outer covering of the building the skin.
  61. Greek other (classical order)
    • Doric
    • Ionic 
    • Corinthian
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