LET Day 5 Review 4/14

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  1. Make certain to mount or dismount on the offside away from any:
    • Live Track
    • Main Track
    • Close Clearance
    • Hazards that may be present
  2. After giving a crew member 3-step, can you assist them coupling air hoses?
    No, Once you have provided 3-step you cannot leave the cab until the employee releases 3-step
  3. What are the steps to provide 3-step?
    • Independent in full
    • Reverse lever in center
    • Generator field off
  4. What is the safe way to handle air hoses?
    • Assume a balanced stance that will enable you to quickly step out from between the equipment in the event of any unexpected movement
    • Keep one foot outside the rail, if possible
    • Do not kick or strike an air hose
  5. When operating doors by hand you must:
    • Do not use excessive force
    • Avoid pinch points
  6. How must the switches on the control stand be placed when in TRAIL?
    All off
  7. Name the air hoses from the middle out.
    • BMAI
    • Brake Pipe
    • Main Reservoir
    • Actuating
    • Independent
  8. What is the pressure for the Brake Pipe hose?
    Same as the regulating valve setting
  9. What is the pressure for the Main Reservoir Equalizing hose?
    130-145 PSI
  10. What is the pressure for the Actuating hose?
    0 or 130-145 PSI
  11. What is the pressure for the Independent Application & Release hose?
    0-45 PSI
  12. What is the normal position for the Automatic Drain Valve?
  13. What are the two types of brake systems?
    • Straight
    • Automatic
  14. Where are the locations to cut out the Automatic Brake?
    • On the brake
    • On computer
  15. What is the purpose of the J-valve?
    Regulates braking effort
  16. Where is the Train Separation Report located?
    Engineers reading file
  17. What is the normal color for the indicator on the Salem Twin Tower?
  18. What are the names of the 3 switches?
    • Engine Run
    • Generator Field
    • Control/Fuel Pump
  19. What is the purpose of the Automatic Drain/Spitter Valve?
    To remove moisture from the reservoirs
  20. What are the steps for cutting OUT a locomotive?
    • Place levers correctly (Independent in FULL APPLICATION, and reverser lever removed and stored)
    • Make a FULL SERVICE reduction, verify exhaust stops
    • Cut out the Automatic Brake and place handle in HANDLE OFF position
    • Cut out Independent Brake and put in RELEASE position
    • Position switches for trailing position
  21. What are the steps for cutting IN a locomotive?
    • Place Independent in FULL APPLICATION and cut in
    • Position the switches and controls for lead
    • Place the Automatic brake in the RELEASE position and adjust the regulating valve
    • Cut in Automatic brake
  22. What are the handle positions for the Independent Brake?
    • Release
    • Application Zone
    • Full Application
    • Actuate
  23. What are the handle positions for the Automatic Brake?
    • Release
    • Minimum Reduction
    • Service Zone
    • Full Service
    • Suppression
    • Over Reduction
    • Handle Off
    • Emergency
  24. When the Independent Brake is cut out what is the name of the position?
    Closed for Trail
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