The Great Pharmacology Drug List

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  1. THC
  2. Digoxin
    Treatment for heart rhythm problems, derived from foxglove
  3. Atropine
    Dries secretions before surgery
  4. Taxol
    Breast cancer treatment, from Yew Tree
  5. Capotril
    Lowers blood pressure, from viper venom
  6. Hirudin
  7. Exenatide
    Diabetes treatment
  8. Tetradotoxin
    Blocks Na+ channel, lethal, from pufferfish
  9. Tetraethylammonium
    Block K+ channels, MS treatment
  10. 4-Aminopyridine
    MS treatment, blocks K+
  11. Endrophonium
    Treatment for Myesthesia Gravis, short lived, diagnostic
  12. Neostigmine
    Treatment for Myesthesia Gravis, long term
  13. Physostigmine
    Treatment for Myesthesia Gravis, long term
  14. Sumatripan
    Treats Migrane, targets GPCR
  15. Certirizine
    Antihistamine, targets GPCR
  16. Salbutamol
    Treats asthma, targets GPCR
  17. Atenolol
    Hypertension, targets GPCR
  18. Adrenaline
    Treats anaphylactic shock, targets GPCR
  19. Erlotnib
    Inhibits epidermal growth factor receptor (RTK), treats lung cancer with modest results
  20. Prenalterol
    Partial Agonist to β-adrenoreceptors (Full agonist is Adrenaline)
  21. Impromidine
    Partial Agonist to Histamine HReceptors (Full agonist is Histamine)
  22. Dobutamine
    Partial agonist to α1 adrenoreceptors (Isoprenaline is full agonist) One H-bond, not two
  23. Tetracycline
    Protects against malaria
  24. Proguanil
    • Protects against malaria
    • Prevents transmission of malaria
    • Targets Dihydrofolate reductase
  25. Pyrimethane
    • Protects against malaria
    • Prevents transmission of malaria
    • Targets Dihydrofolate reductase
  26. Primaquinine
    Prevents transmission of malaria
  27. Quinine
    Cure malaria, inhibit Heme polymerase
  28. Mefloquine
    Cure malaria, inhibit Heme polymerase
  29. Chloroquine
    Cure malaria, inhibit Heme polymerase
  30. Trimethoprim
    Antibiotic, targets dihydrofolate reductase
  31. Sulfonamides/Sulfones
    Antibiotics, inhibit Dihydropteroate synthetase
  32. Nevirapine
    Non-nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitor (Treats HIV)
  33. Efavirenz
    Non-nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitor (Treats HIV)
  34. Delavirdine
    Non-nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitor (Treats HIV)
  35. Penicillin
    Antibiotic, targets β-lactam
  36. Tetracyclin
    Antibiotic, interferes with mRNA/tRNA interaction
  37. Erythromycin
    Antibiotic, prevents translocation (50s subunit)
  38. Streptomycin
    Antibiotic, causes mRNA misreading (30s subunit)
  39. Chloramphenicol
    Antibiotic, inhibits transpeptidation (50s subunit)
  40. Pyrazinamide
    TB treatment, targets Mycolic acid synthesis
  41. Isoniazid
    TB treatment, targets Mycolic acid synthesis
  42. Rifampin (or Rifampicin)
    TB treatment, targets DNA-dependent RNA polymerase
  43. Aminoglycoside + Chloranpenicol
    Example of antagonistic combination of Bacteriostatic and Bactericidal antibiotics
  44. Ketamine
    General anaesthetic, blocks NMDA receptors
  45. Benzodiazepines
    Help with sleep by improving function of GABA
  46. Barbiturates
    General anaesthetics, open GABA channels
  47. Phenytoin
    Epilepsy treatment, blocks Nachannels
  48. Gabapentin
    Epilepsy treatment, blocks Ca2+ channels
  49. Phenobarbital
    Epilepsy treatment, opens GABA channels (Example of Barbiturate)
  50. Diazepam
    Epilepsy treatment, enhances GABA function (Example of Benzodiazepine)
  51. Buspirone
    Anxiety treatment, inhibits 5HT
  52. Chlorpromazine
    Treats Schizophrenia, blocks DA2 receptors
  53. Cozapine
    Treats Schizophrenia, blocks DA2 receptors and has effect on 5HT
  54. L-DOPA
    Treats Parkinson's, precursor to Dopamine - can get through blood-brain barrier
  55. Tacrine
    Mild Alzheimer's treatment, blocks AchE
  56. Fluxetine
    Depression treatment, blocks 5HT reuptake
  57. Amitriptyline
    Depression treatment, blocks 5HT & NA reuptake
  58. SSRI
    Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor, depression treatment
  59. SNRI
    Serotonin-Noradrenaline Reuptake Inhibitor, depression treatment
  60. Asprin
    Analgesic, blocks action of prostanoids (Which sensitize C-fibres)
  61. Ibuprofen
    Analgesic, blocks action of prostanoids (Which sensitize C-fibres)
  62. Morphine
    Analgesic, blocks opioid receptors
  63. Arsanilic Acid
    Kills Syphilis-causing bacteria, very toxic
  64. Salvarsan (Compound 606)
    Kills Syphilis-causing bacteria, less toxic
  65. Trastuzumab
    Kills breast cancer cells which overexpress HER2 (~20% of BC)
  66. Bupropion
    Smoking cessation aid, originally antidepressant
  67. Varenicline
    Relieves withdrawal symptoms of nicotine, nicotinic Ach Receptor partial agonist
  68. Disulfiram
    Aversion therapy for alcohol, inhibits aldehyde dehydrogenase
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