Chinese Chapter 8, Dialogue 1 Vocabulary and Grammar

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  1. Vocab: MW for essays, articles, etc.
  2. Vocab: Diary
    日记; Rìjì
  3. Vocab: Tired
    累; Lèi
  4. Vocab: to get up
    起床; Qǐchuáng
  5. Vocab: to take a bath/shower
    洗澡; Xǐzǎo
  6. Vocab: breakfast
    早饭; Zǎofàn
  7. Vocab: simultaneously; at the same time
    一边; Yībiān
  8. Vocab: New
    新; Xīn
  9. Vocab: Computer
    电脑; Diànnǎo
  10. Vocab: Noon
    中午; Zhōngwǔ
  11. Vocab: dining room, cafeteria
    餐厅; Cāntīng
  12. Vocab: lunch; midday meal
    午饭; Wǔfàn
  13. Vocab: to go online; to surf the internet
    上网; shàng wǎng
  14. Vocab: Classroom
    教室; Jiàoshì
  15. Vocab: pronunciation
    发音; Fāyīn
  16. Vocab: Dormitory
    宿舍; Sùshè
  17. Vocab: There
    那儿; Nàr
  18. Vocab: in the middle of (doing something)
    正在;  zhèngzài
  19. Vocab: Before
    以前; Yǐqián
  20. Vocab: To tell
    告诉; Gàosu
  21. Vocab: Already
    已经; Yǐjīng
  22. Vocab: to know
    知道; zhīdào
  23. Grammar: Time-When
    • Time-when always comes before the verb and often appears after a subject.
    • A time when expression is any word that expresses the time of an event, for instance in the sentence Wo shi dian shang ke, shi dian is the time-when and it comes before the verb shang ke.
  24. Grammar: 一边...一边
    Each instance of 一边 indicates that the event happened at the same time as actions in the first 一边.

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Chinese Chapter 8, Dialogue 1 Vocab + Grammar
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