AHI Midterm Part 2

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  1. Unknown Photographer, Frederick Douglas. 1847. Daguerreotype.
  2. Mathew Brady Studio, Abraham Lincoln. 1863. Albumen Cabinet Card.
  3. Anna Atkins, Photographs of British Algae, 1843-53. Cyanotypes
  4. William Henry Fox Talbot, The Open Door. 1843. Salted Paper Print from a Calotype Negative.
  5. William Henry Fox Talbot, Locock Abbey. 1839. Salted Paper Print from a Calotype Negative.
  6. Louis Jacques Mande Daguerre, Still Life. 1837. Daguerreotype.
  7. Louis Jacques Mande Daguerre, Boulevard du Temple, Paris. 1838. Daguerreotype.
  8. Joseph Nicephore Niepce, View from His Window at Le Gras. 1827. Heliograph.
  9. Claude Cahun, Untitled. 1921. Gelatin Silver Print.
  10. Brassai, Involuntary Sculpture. 1933. Gelatin Silver Print.
  11. Laszio Moholy-Nagy, From the Radio Tower, Berlin. 1928. Gelatin Silver. Print.
  12. Aleksandr Rodchenko, Assembling for a Demonstration. 1928-30. Gelatin Silver Print.

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AHI Midterm Part 2
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2nd Part of Review
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