Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties

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  1. Article 1
    This convention applies to treaties between state.
  2. Article 11
    Expression of Consent to be Bound
  3. Article 9
    Adoption of the Text
  4. Article 10
  5. Article 18
    Obligation not to defeat the purpose and object of the treaty.
  6. Article 19
    Formulation of Reservations
  7. Article 20
    Acceptance and Objection to Reservations.
  8. Article 26
    Pacta Sunta Servanda
  9. Article 27
    Conflicting internal law is not justification for violating treaty
  10. Article 31
    Golden Rule of Interpretation - Ordinary meaning of words in context of and in light of the treaty's object and purpose
  11. Article 32
    Supplementary means of interpretation
  12. Article 33
    Interpretation of treaties authenticated in two or more languages.
  13. Article 48
  14. Article 50
    Corruption of a representative of a State
  15. Article 49
  16. Article 51
    Coercion of a representative of a State
  17. Article 52
    Coercion of a State by the threat or use of force
  18. Article 53
    Treaties conflicting with peremptory norm of general international law.
  19. Article 60
    Termination or suspension of a treaty as Consequence of its Breach.
  20. Article 62
    Fundamental Change of Circumstances
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