unit 1.2

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  1. define the term role
    the characteristic and expected social behavior of an individual
  2. define the term occupational role
    behaviors performed in course of pursuing one job or vocational roles
  3. state when role conflict occurs
    when the officer perceives a clash between competing perceptions, vales and standards when deciding what behavior is appropriate
  4. define the term stress
    a state of physical and psychological arousal
  5. state the four categories of stress
    • cognitive
    • physical
    • emotional
    • behavioral
  6. state the initial intervention techniques to be utilized after a critical incident
    • physical exercise
    • structured time
    • talking to friends and family
    • eating healthy
    • no major life changes
  7. define critical incident
    a specific event which causes strong emotional reactions and which has the potential to interfere with the ability to function at the scene or later
  8. state the seven traditional criteria of a profession
    • specific body of knowledge
    • extensive prep through education and training
    • code of ethics
    • licensing, regulation by boards and training
    • relative professional autonomy
    • public acknowledgement of status
  9. define discretion
    the use of individual judgment by officers in making decisions as to which of several behavioral responses is appropriate in specific situations
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