Por or Para

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  1. Por...
    • expresses the time during which an action takes place or its duration (during, for).
    • expresses because of, in exchange for, or on behalf of.
    • expresses the object/goal of an action or a person being sought after (for).
    • expresses motion (through, by, along, around).
    • expresses the means by or manner in which an action is accomplished (by, for).
  2. common idiomatic expressions
    • por ahora
    • por aquí
    • por Dios
    • por eso
    • por ejemplo
    • por favor
    • por fin
    • por lo general
    • por suspuesto
    • por último
  3. por ahora
    for now
  4. por aquí
    around here
  5. por Dios
    for heaven's sake
  6. por eso
    that's why
  7. por ejemplo
    for example
  8. por favor
  9. por fin
    finally, at last
  10. por lo general
    in general
  11. por supuesto
    of course
  12. por último
    finally (last item in a statement)
  13. Para...
    • expresses the purpose of an action (in order to + infinitive) or of an object (for).
    • expresses destination (a place or a recipient).
    • expresses work objective.
    • expresses time limits or specific deadlines (by, for).
    • expresses in whose opinion.
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