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  1. Explain where the CR is centered on an AP
    projection Lspine on a 14x17 cassette.
    Iliac crest
  2. What angulation and orientation do we use for an
    AP/ PA coccyx?
    10 degrees cephalad for PA, 10 degrees caudad for AP axial
  3. What kind of angulation do we use for a PA/AP
    15 cephalad AP, 15 caudad PA
  4. On the lumbar spine, when you do oblique how
    much is the patient rotated for the upper, mid and lower?
    • 45 degrees for upper,
    • 50 degrees for L1/L2,
    • 30 degrees for L5/S1
  5. What do you see with an RPO and LPO for lumbar?
    • RPO downside zygapophyseal join,
    • LPO left downside joint
  6. What do you need to see for an AP lumbar image?
    • Lumbar vertebral joints,
    • spinous and
    • transverse processes,
    • SI joints andsacrum,
    • T11-distal sacrum
  7. When you look at a lateral Lspine, what can you
    do to correct sag of the spine?
    Place sag side down or add a radiolucent spongeunder waist
  8. What are the criteria for an AP sacrum?
    Sacrum, SI joints, and L5/S1 intervertebraljoint space. No rotation indicated by alignment of the median sagittal crestsand coccyx with the symphysis pubis. Correct alignment of the sacrum and CRdemonstrated the sacrum free of foreshortening and the pubis and sacralforamina are not superimposed. Collimation to area of interest
  9. Know your 4 curves,  

    -cervical and
    • First Compensatory Curve
    • First primary Curve
    • Second Compensatory Curve
    • Second primary Curve
    • primary
    • compensatory,lordotic. Primary curves-thoracic and sacral-convex
  10. The bony thorax consists of
    the sternum anteriorly,thoracic vertebrae posteriorly,12 pairs of ribs
  11. Know ribs. Which ones are true, floating and false?
    • True ribs 1-7,
    • False Ribs 8-12,
    • Floating Ribs 11 & 12
  12. What can you find in the costal groove? 
    Bloodvessels and nerves
  13. What are the positioning criteria for a sternum?
    • RAO 15-20 degree rotation,
    • Top of IR about 1.5” above jugular notch, CRdirected to center of sternum 1” left of midline and midway between jugularnotch and xiphoid process. Lateral sternum
  14. How
    much do you rotate for oblique ribs?
     Rotate patient into 45°
  15. what parts
    that the clavicle articulate with.
    AC and sternoclavicular joints
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