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  1. What is the Bronsted concept of acids and bases?
  2. How can water behave in terms of acids and bases?
  3. How can you work out a pH?
    pH  =  - log10[H+]
  4. What are strong acids and bases?
  5. What are weak Acids and bases?
  6. How can you calculate the [OH-] if [H3O+] = 1x10-3
  7. What is the pH of a 0.005M solution of NaOH
  8. What are some strong Acids?
    • HCl
    • HI
    • HNO3
    • H2SO4
  9. What are some strong bases?
    • NaOH
    • KOH
    • Ca(OH)2
  10. What are some weak acids?
    • CH3COOH
    • H3PO4
  11. What are some weak bases?
    • NH3
    • (CH3)3N
  12. What do weak acids and bases have?
    They have ionisation constants
  13. What are ionisation constants?

  14. What are ionisation constants often converted into?
    Into pK

    pKa  = -log (Ka)

  15. What are conjugate acids and bases?
    A conjugate acid donates a proton to form the conjugate base

    A conjugate base accepts a proton to form the conjugate acid.
  16. Explain a conjugate pair
  17. What is the common ion effect?
    The common ion effect is the effect on pH when the salt of a conjugate base is added to a solution of it's parent or conjugate acid.

    For example 

  18. What is a buffer solution?
    A buffer solution is a combination of an acid and the salt of its conjugate base, that maintains the pH of a solution in the presence of small amounts of added acid or base

    A buffer solution is one which resists changes in pH when small quantities of an acid or an alkali are added to it.
  19. What are acidic buffers?
    Acidic buffers have a pH of less than 7 and are made from a weak acid and one of its salts.
  20. What are basic buffers?
    Basic buffers have a pH greater than 7 and they're made by mixing a weak base with one of its salts
  21. How do buffer solutions work?
    Read the chemistry guide pg 46-7

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