Cutting Edge Advanced Phrasebuilder Mod. 1

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  1. to come from behind and reach the same level as someone who is ahead of you
    catch up (+ with)
  2. to appear or happen in a way that requires  attention
    come up
  3. to be completely separated from other places or people
    cut off (be)
  4. to have its place taken by sg else
    give way to
  5. to take place as planned
    go ahead
  6. to pass
    go by
  7. to look at or check sg very carefully
    go over
  8. to give sg to a person in authority, e.g. an official or teacher
    hand in (+ to)
  9. move towards
    head for
  10. to move or develop more slowly than others
    lag behind
  11. to not include something
    miss out
  12. to demolish a building that is no longer used
    pull down
  13. to extinguish sg, e.g. a fire or cigarette
    put out
  14. to construct or build a wall, building or statue
    put up
  15. to come to an end, so that there is no more; to be completely used up
    run out (+ of)
  16. to organise sg that is mixed up or untidy
    sort out
  17. to go to a meeting or class
    attend (sg)
  18. an example of opposition or disagreement between two parties or cultures
    clash (of cultures/opinions etc.)
  19. to let others know your thoughts and feelings
    express yourself
  20. a group of fast-food restaurants which are of similar design and are owned by a single company
    fast food chain
  21. to have a good knowledge of sg, especially a language
    (have a) good command of sg
  22. tourism involving very large numbers of people
    mass tourism
  23. repeatedly
    over and over again
  24. an approach where you are able to control and change events rather than having to react to them
    (take a) pro-active approach (to sg)
  25. to say the words in a book, newspaper etc. so that others can hear them
    read aloud
  26. a piece of writing, or a plan that is not yet in its finished form
    (make/write a) rough draft of sg
  27. a small, untidy piece of paper or cloth
    scrap (of sg)
  28. to decide what level is expected
    set (high) standards
  29. the amount of wealth, comfort and things that a particular person, group or country has
    standard of living
  30. to participate in an activity with other people
    take part (+ in)
  31. how people live in terms of their customs, habits etc.
    way of life
  32. to have a lot of time so you don't need to hurry
    all the time in the world
  33. a movie or novel that is very well-known and commercially successful
  34. to cost a very large amount of money
    cost the earth
  35. surprising and shocking and very important
  36. (of a plan or a business) to start to become real or successful
    get off the ground
  37. a fairly large quantity of sg
    good number (+ of)
  38. become known or available throughout the world
    go global
  39. to punish sy by not allowing them to go out
    ground sy
  40. to think in a sensible and practical way and not have ideas which are impossible to achieve
    keep your feet on the ground
  41. extremely happy
    on top of the world
  42. so good or enjoyable, it is unlike anything you usually experience
    out of this world
  43. to learn sg by chance rather than by studying it
    pick up
  44. to stay with sg, e.g. an idea or principle even if it is difficult
    stick to sg
  45. to have great love and respect for someone
    think the world of sy
  46. to become very enthusiastic about sg
    wax (euphoric/lyrical/eloquent etc.) about
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