CDL Certificate

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  1. What is the most important reason for doing a vehicle inspection?
  2. Name some key steering system parts.
    • Steering Wheel
    • Steering Shaft
    • Gear Box
    • Hydrolic Fluid Reservoir
    • Pitman Arm
    • Drag Link
    • Steering Knuckle
    • Spindle
    • Steering Arm
    • Powering Steering Cylinder
  3. Name some suspension system defects.
    • Spring hangers that allow movement of axle from proper position
    • Cracked or borken spring hangers
    • missing or broken leaves in any leaf spring (1/4)
    • Broken leaves in a multi-leaf spring or leaves that have shifted so they might hit a tire or other part
    • Leaking shock absorbents
    • Cracked, damaged, or missing torque rod or arm, u-bolts, spring hangers, or other axle positioning parts
    • Damaged/leaking air suspension systems
  4. What things should you check during a trip?
    • Tire problems
    • Wheel and Rim problems
    • Bad Brake Drums/Shoes
    • Steering System Defects
    • Suspension System Defects
    • Exhaust System Defects
    • Emergency Equipment
    • Cargo
  5. What three kinds of emergency equipment must you have?
    • Spare electrical fuses (unless vehicle has circuit breakers).
    • Three red reflective triangles, 6 fusees or 3 liquid burning flares.
    • Properly charged and rated fire extinguisher.
  6. What is the minimum tread depth for front tires? For other tires?
    • 4/32-inch on front tires.
    • 2/32 inch on other tires.
  7. Name some things you should check on the front of your vehicle during the walk around inspection.
    • Condition of front axle.
    • Condition of steering system.
    •      No loose, worn, bent, damaged or missing parts.
    •      Grab steering mechanism to test for looseness.
    • Condition of windshield.
    •      Damage/dirty.
    •      Windshield wiper arms for proper spring tension.
    •      Wiper blade damage, "stiff" rubber, and securement.
    • Lights and reflectors.
    •      Parking, clearance, and identification lights clean, operating, and proper color (amber at front).
    •      Reflectors clean and proper color (amber at front).
    •      Right front turn signal light clean, operating, and proper color (amber or white on signals facing forward)
  8. What should wheel bearing seals be checked for?
  9. How many red reflective triangles should you carry?
  10. How do you test hydraulic brakes for leaks?
    • Pump brake pedal 3 times.
    • Apply firm pressure to the pedal and hold for five seconds.
    • The pedal should not move.
  11. Why put the starter switch key in your pocket during the pre-trip inspection?
    So you don't loose it.
  12. Why should you back toward the driver's side?
    So you can see better.
  13. If stopped on a hill, how can you start moving without rolling back?
  14. When backing, why is it important to use a helper?
    There are blind spots you can't see.
  15. What's the most important hand signal that you and the helper should agree on?
  16. What are the two special conditions where you should downshift?
    • Before starting down a hill
    • Before entering a curve
  17. When should you downshift automatic transmissions?
    On downgrades
  18. T/F - Retarders keep you from skidding when the road is slippery.
    Disengage the clutch while engaging brake, etc.
  19. What are the two ways to know when to shift?
    • Engine Speed
    • Road Speed
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