Sociology Part 3

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  1. Which of the following concepts refers to a category of people, distinguished by physical or cultural traits, who are socially disadvantaged?
  2. Which of the following concepts refers to a shared cultural heritage?
    global culture
  3. Which of the following factors has a strong link to life expectancy?
    • income
    • nutrition
    • safer housing
  4. Which of the following is a correct examples of civil religion?
    • political movements
    • our way of life
    • standing to singing national anthem at sporting events
    • waving the flag at public parades
  5. Which of the following is a latent function of schooling?
    • childcare
    • engage young people 
    • sets stage for establishing relationships/networks
    • link between particular schools and career opportunities
  6. Which of the following religious organizations began as a cult?
    • Christianity
    • Islam
    • Judaism
  7. Which of the following refers to the illegal actions of a corporation or people acting on its behalf?
    corporate crime
  8. Which of the following statements about homelessness is TRUE?
    • number of homelessness people is increasing
    • 20 % have part time job
    • 1/3 substance abusers
    • 1/4 serious mental illness
  9. Which types of slavery refers to one person owning another?
    chattel slavery
  10. While prejudiced is a matter of ______ discrimination is a matter of _______.
    • attitudes
    • actions
  11. Who coined the concept "survival of the fittest?"
    Auguste Comte
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