Cápitulo 14 Verbos

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  1. actuar
    to perform
  2. angustiar
    to distress
  3. anunciar
    to announce
  4. apreciar
    to notice, to appreciate
  5. borrar
    to delete, to erase
  6. coleccionar
    to collect
  7. deprimir
    to depress
  8. emocionar
    to excite, to touch
  9. especializarse (en)
    to specialize (in)
  10. indignar
    to anger
  11. meditar
    to meditate
  12. odiar
    to hate
  13. preocupar
    to worry
  14. roncar
    to snore
  15. soportar
    to stand, to bear, to put up with
  16. suavizar
    to smooth
  17. tener algo en común
    to have something in common
  18. tropezar (ie) con
    to run into
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