ART 102 Test 2

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    Isenheim Altarpiece - Mathias Grunewald, Northern Ren (Germany) o/p
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    Knight Death & Devil - Albrecht Durer - Northern Ren (Germany) eng
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    The Four Apostles - Albrecht Durer - Northern Ren (Germany) o/p
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    Battle of Issus - Aldorfer - Northern Ren (Germany) o/p
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    Netherlandish Proverbs - Pieter Bruegal - Northern Mannerist (Netherlands) o/p
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    Meat Stall - Pieter Aertsen - Northern Mannerist (Netherlands) o/p
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    Square Court of the Louvre - Pierre Lescot - Northern Ren (France)
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    Burial of Count Orgaz - El Greco - (Mannerist) Spain
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    Calling of St. Mathew - Caravaggio (Italian Baroque) Rome o/c
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    Judith Slaying Holofernes - Artmisia Gentileschi (Italian Boroque) o/c
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    Triumph of Barberini - Piertro da Cortona (Illusionistic Ceiling Fresco) Italian Baroque
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    Facade of San Carlo alle Quartro Fontane - Francesco Borromini (Italian Baroque)
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    The Exstacy of St. Theresa - Gianlorenzo Bernini (Italian Baroque)
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    Maids of Honor - Diego Velasques - (Spanish Baroque) o/c
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    Arrival of Marie de Medici at Marseilles - Peter Paul Rubens - (Flemish Baroque)
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    Charles I Dismounted - Anthony van Dyck (Flemish Baroque) o/c
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    Self - portrait - Rembrandt van Rijn (Dutch Baroque) Holland o/c
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    Christ with Sick Around Him, Receiving Children - Rembrandt van Rijin - (Dutch Baroque) Holland etch
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    View of the Dunes - Jacob Van Rusdael (Dutch Baroque) Holland o/c
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    The Letter - Jan Vermeer (Dutch Baroque) Holland o/c
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    Vanitas Still Life - Pieter Claesz (Dutch Baroque) Holland o/c
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    Et in Arcadia Ego - Nicolas Poussin (Classic Baroque) France o/c
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    Hall of Mirrors - Mansari
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    Facade of St. Paul's Cathedral - Christopher Wren (English Baroque)
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