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  1. What were the western and central areas of New York in the early 19th century called?  This was during the second great awakening
    Burned-Over District

    Where Joseph Smith saw the angle
  2. This person had a vision at a young age that showed both God the Father and God the son.  Also was visited by Moroni(angel) and dug up plates.
    Joseph Smith

    Starter of LDS
  3. a object that when looked through would help find hidden treasure

    Used by Joseph Smith with translating
  4. object that Joseph Smith was told to dig up and then later translate and publish this book
    The golden plates

    Later to be book of Morman
  5. An Nephite that buried the golden plates and interacted with Joseph Smith.
  6. A book that was translated from the golden plates that Joseph Smith dug up.
    Book or Morman
  7. An important book used by the Mormans.  Contains teachings of Joseph Smith
    Doctrine and Covenents
  8. A act that is done for a dead person to help them obtain salvation
    Proxy Baptism
  9. Marriage of more than one woman
    Plural Marriage
  10. Leader of the Shakers, Had revelation that she was the second coming of Christ.  Abusive Marriage
    Mother Ann Lee
  11. Spirit that was in Christ and then transferred to Mother Ann Lee that made her think she was second coming
    Christ Spirit
  12. Believed he reached a state of perfection without sin, lost 4 out of 5 children then was celibate.
    John Humphrey Noyes
  13. Marriage where you were allowed to have sex with anybody as long as you have consent.
    Complex Marriage
  14. Breeding of people to create a more perfect society
  15. Assassinated James Garfield
    Charles Guiteau
  16. Mob destroyed this after they thought they were abusing girls
    • Boston’s Ursuline
    • Convent
  17. Book that shows the anti-catholic views
    A Plea for the West
  18. Nun that said she was sexually exploited by priest
    Maria Monk
  19. Book that was written by Maria Monk telling about how her and other nuns where sexually exploited
    • Awful Disclosures of
    • Hotel Dieu
    • Nunnery
  20. Party that was strongly against German and Irish Catholics.  Riots between the two parties
    Know Nothings
  21. Reorganized and disliked the Catholics Jews and Blacks
    Reorganized Ku Klux Klan
  22. legal opposition to a certain minority group
  23. Pope during the time of Vatican 2
    Pope John XXIII
  24. Period where Catholic teachings changed a lot to fit in better with the times
    Vatican 2
  25. Pope at the current time, possibly against celebacy, anti gay, and more
    Pope Francis
  26. Term used to define things shared by both Jewish and Christian religions
    Judeo-Christian tradition
  27. They gave their life jackets to other ship members and went down singing hymns
    The Four Chaplains
  28. Jew and Christian relation activist
    Everett Clinchy
  29. 3 leaders from different churches that travel around to show the importance of tolerance
    Tolerance Trio
  30. Organizations that supports dialogue between Jews and Christians and other religions
    • National Conference of
    • Christians and Jews
  31. civil rights, tolerance, president
    Dwight D. Eisenhower
  32. Had unusual bad health, Fell on ice,  Meditated on bible and got healed
    Mary Baker Eddy
  33. healing that was based on touch and transfer of some type of Physics fluid
  34. Worked with Mary Baker Eddy, focus problems induced by mental
    Phineas Parkhurst Quimby
  35. Book written by Mary Baker Eddy, teachings about meditation and healing experiences
    Science and Health
  36. The real world breaking in on the illusory world
  37. Time where Jews left ghettos and fought for political emancipation
    Jewish Enlightenment
  38. Jew that upheld the old laws and had higher criticism
    Orthodox Judaism
  39. The sect of Jewish where education and modern living is ok
    Modern Orthodoxy
  40. Popular in USA, kosher is optional, Ethical versus ritual mitzvot
    Reform Judaism
  41. Meeting where it was discused that the bible reflected traditions from its period
    Pittsburgh Platform
  42. Reform Jews wanted to be more traditional without being Orthodox
    Conservative Judaism
  43. Opposition to Historicizing the Bible, Psychologizing religion
  44. Propaganda to oppose the Historicizing the Bible and Psychologizing religion
    The Fundamentals pamphlets
  45. Argued against special creation of separate species, Explained species change through natural selection
    • On the Origin of
    • Species (1859)
  46. Writing that was Extremely clear that he thought humans descended from apes
    • Descent of Man
    • (1871)
  47. Poor deserved what they were because they are weaker
    Social Darwinism
  48. Ran for president 3 times, Did not oppose evolution altogether, just when it applied to humans
    William Jennings Bryan
  49. By William Jennings Bryan, “You shall not press down upon the brow of labor this crown of thorns, you shall not crucify mankind upon a cross of gold.”
    Cross of Gold speech
  50. lawyer that was on the defense of the scopes trial
    Clarence Darrow
  51. They wanted to commit the perfect crime, this is the trial that was result
    Leopold and Loeb case
  52. Lead the first Pentecostal revival at a college
    Charles Fox Parham
  53. Another word for speaking in tongues
  54. Lead Azusa street revival, All ethnicity
    William J. Seymour
  55. Day that holy spirit fell on disciples of Christ
    Day of Pentecost
  56. tongues, healing, prophecy, discerning, etc.
    Gifts of the spirit
  57. Faith healer, popular, founded foursquare gospel
    Aimee Semple McPherson
  58. Pentecostals that use poisonous snakes during service
    Snake handling
  59. Faith healer that uses touch
    Kathryn Kuhlman
  60. Healing that requires just faith and could end up with instant results.
    Faith healing
  61. Both Christians and Catholics that pick up on Pentecostal attributes
    Charismatic Christianity
  62. The number of people believed to go to heaven by Jehovah's Witnesses
  63. The belief we will never die and stay on earth in paradise
    Paradise Earth
  64. Jehovah's witnesses can't get these if at the hospital
    Blood transfusions
  65. They think this act is idolatry
    Pledge of Allegiance
  66. Opposition to war and violence
  67. No Violence and no cooperation with violent people
    nonviolent noncooperation
  68. American leader of social rights for blacks and gays
    Bayard Rustin
  69. American pastor and leader of civil rights movement for blacks, used non-violent means
    Martin Luther King Jr.
  70. Religions that are from west Asian origin, monotheistic, and date back to Abraham
    Abrahamic religions
  71. Afghan that wanted to convert to Christianity but was arrested and almost killed
    Abdul Rahman
  72. Was captured and enslaved in america.  Wrote a autobiography and writings in his bible
    Omar Ibn Said
  73. Possibly the first Anglo-american to convert to Islam
    Alexander Russell Webb
  74. Located in cedar rapids, Iowa.  First of its kind in America
    Mother Mosque of America
  75. Mosque that is in Washington, D.C
    Washington, D.C., Islamic

  76. Muslim, american, author that's goal is to improve Muslim and American relations
    Feisal Abdul Rauf
  77. Founded the Nation of Islam in Detroit in 1930
    W. D. Fard
  78. 1934—announced divinity and prophet=hood of Fard, original people.  Christianity subjugating  blacks
    Elijah Muhammad
  79. Led the original people into modern day Africa
  80. Became talented street hustler; arrested 1946 for robbery, converted to Islam
    Malcolm X
  81. Action
  82. Cycle of death and rebirth
  83. People are best when they are self reliant
  84. Gathering of most of the religions to talk about them
    • 1893 World’s Parliament
    • of Religions
  85. Attended the Worlds parliament of religions for Hindus, Birthday celebrated by Hindus
    Swami Vivekananda
  86. Goal: to spread bhakti yoga toward Lord Krishna
    400 temples worldwide
    International Society for Krishna Consciousness
  87. Founded 1957 by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
    Transcendental Meditation
  88. Enlightened One
    The Buddha
  89. The truth of dukkha (suffering, anxiety, unsatisfactoriness)
    The truth of the origin of dukkha
    The truth of the cessation of dukkha
    The truth of the path leading to the cessation of dukkha
    Four Noble Truths
  90. the oldest surviving branch of Buddhism, "the Teaching of the Elders"
  91. Great Vehicle, Branch of Buddism
  92. Japanese origin Buddhist churches located in america
    • Buddhist Churches of
    • America
  93. Attempt to learn from all the worlds religions, translating
    Theosophical Society
  94. married an American Theosophist, became foremost Buddhism scholar, Deep concern for translating Buddhist ideas to Westerners
    D. T. Suzuki
  95. Practitioner of Buddhism in America
    Phil Jackson
  96. Appeared to peasant Native American Juan Diego near Mexico City (1531)
    Virgin of Guadalupe
  97. U.S. paid $15 million for territories, The 100,000 Mexican citizens in those territories became American citizens
    • Treaty of Guadalupe
    • Hidalgo
  98. Tall skinny hats
  99. first archbishop of Santa Fe (1850), Ended priestly marriages, Suppressed penitentes
    Jean Baptiste Lamy
  100. Drew on Catholic social teaching; included pilgrimages and Marian devotion as part of movement
    Cesar Chavez
  101. slaves in Catholic areas often equated African spirits with Catholic saints
  102. first president to talk about being a born-again evangelical
    Jimmy Carter
  103. criticized Martin Luther King Jr. for getting involved in politics (later took it back), Became involved in politics after witnessing the 1960s and the election of Jimmy Carter
    Jerry Falwell
  104. Not convinced Reagan true evangelical, Also annoyed with Carter
    Pat Robertson
  105. The Rapture, The destruction of the earth, The ingathering of Jews to Israel for a special purpose
    Premillennial dispensationalism
  106. contemporary, conservative form of “Judeo-Christian” cooperation
    Christian Zionism
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