abnormality in substance abuse

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  1. psychoactive:

    any substance capable of affecting the ____ of the brain
  2. psychoactive:

    human substance use is ____, and has been around as long as there have been historical records
  3. two opposing value traditions with substances
    pursuit of pleasure vs opposition to pleasure
  4. Deist history:

    many of the US founding father believed in a creator, who ___ the universe and ___ from active involvement
    created, withdrew
  5. Enlightenment history:

    belief in the power of human ____ that could be used to reform
  6. Enlightenment history:

    ___ intolerance + ____, and religious oppression. people have a right to freedom and happiness
    opposed, slavery;
  7. Enlightenment history:

    rights reside in the ___
  8. Enlightenment history:

    rights are not given to us by the government. every single right that exists already exists ___ the people
  9. pilgrims and puritans believed ___ gods creatures are ___ from birth
    all, damned
  10. pilgrims and puritans believe people must exert all ___ so as to not make it ___. NO SEX DRUGS AND FUN
    pleasures; worse
  11. Pursuit of Pleasure says ___ to all aread of ____ pleasures. Which means one cant infringe on the rights and freedoms of ___
    yes; personal; others
  12. generally ___ of the pop have difficulty with substance use
  13. Prohibition of alcohol was largely started by the ___ ___ ___ who believed in universal suffrage
    Womans Christian Temperance Union
  14. the prohibition was almost exclusively the result of ___ intolerance of peoples personal use of whatever
  15. The prohibition was derived from ___ values, results from it showed that you cannot legislate peoples ____.
    puritan; morality
  16. all psychoactive substances are ____ except for ____, ____, or ____
    prohibited. caffeine, alcohol, nicotine
  17. over the past 40 years, prohibition have cost ____ trill trill
  18. Possible solution to prohibition?
    decriminalize! and regulate!
  19. -3 or more symptoms in a 12 month period
    -tolerance - habituating to a substance
    -using more than intended
    -persistent desire
    -giving up important roles
    -unsuccessful attempt to reduce use
    DSM diagnosis of dependence
  20. it is possible to get a DSM diagnosis for dependence without ___ or ____
    tolerance or withdrawl
  21. -one or more symptoms in a 12 month program
    -failure to fulfill major role obligations
    -use in situations that are hazardous
    -legal problems linked to use
    -use despite having problems
    -tolerance or withdrawl are NOT mentioned
    DSM diagnosis of Abuse
  22. it is ___ cereally easy to get an abuse diagnosis. allows doctors to treat almost ____
    super, anyone
  23. addiction is something we can __
    do. implies freewill
  24. dependence involves being ____ a lil less free will
  25. addiction and dependence doesn't have to depend on a ____
  26. Deaths by Legal Substances
    • -430,000 nicotine/tobacco deaths
    • -111,000 alcohol
    • -32,000 prescriptions being used as intended
    • -17,000 OTC anti-inflammatory medz
  27. illegal substance overdose deathfs
    17,000. likely to be due to adulteration
  28. Biomedical Research:

    two potential criteria for substance abuse. ___ and ____
    tolerance and withdrawl
  29. tolerance and withdrawl are not ___ of changes in the brain, but could be if further tools were developed
  30. Merck Manual:

    -Many psychoactive substances cause ___ to ___ tolerance or withdrawal
    little to no
  31. Merck Manual:

    diagnostic criteria based on anything other than science wont produce ___ and ____ diagnostic categories
    reliable and valid
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