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  1. Convert FSW to PSIG
    Multiply FSW by .445
  2. Convert PSIG to FSW
    Divide PSIG by .445
  3. Convert FSW to ATA
    Add 33 to the FSW then divide by 33 = ATA
  4. Convert PSIG to ATA
    Add 14.7 to the PSIG then divide by 14.7 = ATA
  5. Convert ATA to FSW
    Subtract 1 from the ATA then multiply by 33 = FSW
  6. Convert ATA to PSIG
    Subtract 1 from the ATA then multiply by 14.7= PSIG
  7. Convert ATA to mmHg
    Multiply ATA by 760 = mmHg
  8. Convert mmHg to ATA
    Divide the mmHg by 760 = ATA
  9. Convert mmHg to %
    Divide the mmHg by 7.6
  10. Convert % to mmHg
    Multiply the % by 7.6
  11. Convert Celsius to Kelvin
    Add 273
  12. Convert Fahrenheit to Rankin
    Add 460
  13. To find the PP of Inspired Oxygen?
    • Multiply the Total Pressure by % of gas(FIO2)
    • PO2=PTotal x FIO2
  14. Find the Arterial Partial Pressure of inspired oxygen.
    • Subtract the partial pressure of water (PH2O =47) from the PTotal. Multiply that by the FIO2 then subtract the partial pressure of carbon dioxide in the alveoli (PCO2)
    • PAO2=[(PTotal-PH2O)xFIO2]-PCO2
  15. Dalton's Law
    PTotal=ppN2 +ppO2 +PP of other gases.
  16. Henry's Law formula
    • P1/A1 = P2/A2
    • A=amount ie: Liters, CC etc.
  17. Gay-Lussac's Law Formula
    • P1/T1 = P2/T2
    • Temp is absolute  & Volume is constant IE: scuba tank.
  18. Charles Law Formula
    • V1/T1 = V2/T2
    • Temp is in absolute  & Pressure is constant because container is flexable IE:balloon at Sea Level
  19. Boyle's Law Formula
    P1 x V1 = P2 x V2
  20. General or Combined Gas Law Formula
    (P1xV1)/T1 = (P2xV2)/T2
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