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    • How many copper wires are in a 25-pair twisted pair cable?
    • 50
  1. What are some other names Category 1 cable is referred to as?
    • slash wire (field wire)
    • speaker wire
    • telephone wire
  2. How many clips are in each row of a 66 block?
    4 clips
  3. What is the standard connector for a standard telephone cable?
  4. How many pins are located on an RJ-11 connector?
    4 copper connector
  5. What color wires correlate between cat 5e cable and normal telephone cable?
    • green=white/blue
    • red=blue
    • black=orange
    • yellow=white/orange
  6. What UTP Category cable does a 110 block exceed?
    category 6 standards
  7. What is the standard connector used for unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cable?
  8. How many pins are located on an RJ-45 connector?
  9. What does USOC stand for?
    Universal Service Order Code
  10. what is the punch down impact tool use for
    are specially designed hand tools used to connect twisted pair wiring to the conductive terminals contained on a punch-down block
  11. what are the color code group
    • first group
    • white
    • red
    • black
    • yellow
    • voilet

    • second group
    • blue
    • orange
    • green
    • brown
    • slate
  12. what is the standard created by AT&T
    258A cable termination
  13. what is the TIA/EIA T568A Cable termination standard
    • center
    • up
    • center over center
    • down
  14. what are the TIA/EIA T568A pair locations
    • center
    • center over center
    • up
    • down
  15. what signal is sent across the TIA/EIA T568A cable pins below
    • center R1 T1
    • center over center T2 R1
  16. what is the TIA/EIA 568A pair locations
    • center
    • up
    • center over center
    • down
  17. which common hand tool is often referred to as "dikes"
    diagonal wire cutters
  18. what are punch-tools specially designed for
    specially designed hand tools used to connect twisted pair to the conductive terminals contained on a punch-down block
  19. what is a service loop
    is additional cable, or slack, that is included in the cable run
  20. what are the three complications that additional cabling minimizes
    • relocating a device
    • testing cable terminations
    • repairing/replacing cable terminations
  21. what is the first step in punching a newly ran cable into a patch panel
    strip outer jacket of category 5e UTP plenum cable
  22. what is imperative to match the CAT-5e patch panels
    wall plates/jacks
  23. what are the steps when installing a single-line phone
    • Run Category 5e cable from workstation to 110 block.
    • Leave enough slack on both ends for service loop.
    • Ensure cable is labeled correctly.
    • At the workstation, cut cable at spool once appropriate length has been reached.
    • Strip cable at phone jack and untwist the Blue and Orange twisted pairs.
    • Properly terminate Category 5e cable in Belkin flush mount jack.
    • Strip cable at the 110 block and untwist all wires.
    • Align the desired wire with the appropriate terminals depending on standard.
    • Punch down all wires into the 110 block.
    • Secure the 5-pair termination head into the 110 block with punch tool.
    • Connect jumper cable between newly terminated port and pre-terminated PBX phone port.
  24. what is another name for block 66
  25. what does CLI stand for
    call logging interface
  26. what does SAPS stand for
    station auxility power supply
  27. what does ATA stand for
    analogue terminal adapter
  28. what does LJU stand for
    line jack unit
  29. what does CCU stand for
    central control unit
  30. what is a BT Meridian Norstar Modular
    is a key telephone system with a maximum capacity of 128 ports.
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