CH. 10

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  1. Ability
    refers to the relatively stable capabilities people have to perform a particular range of different but related activities.
  2. Cognitive abiltiy
    refers to capabilities related to the acquisition and application of knowledge in problem solving.
  3. Verbal ability
    refers to various capabilities associated with understanding and expressing oral and written communication.
  4. Quantitative ability
    refers to two types of mathematical capabilites. Number facility(simple math) and mathematical reasoning(complex math).
  5. Reasoning ability
    actually a diverse set of abilities associated with sensing and solving problems using insight, rules, and logic.
  6. Spatial ability
    capabilities associated with visual and mental representation and manipulation of objects in space.
  7. Perceptual ability
    refers to being able to perceive understand, and recall patters of information.
  8. General cognitie ability
    sometimes called g or g factor, that underlies or causes all of the more specific cognitive abilities we've discussed so far.
  9. Emotional intelligence
    defined in terms of a set of distinct but related abilities
  10. self awareness
    the appraisal and expression of emotions in oneself.
  11. Other awareness
    the appraisal and recognition of emotions in others.
  12. Emotion regulation
    refers to being able to recover quickly from emotional eperiences
  13. Use of emotions
    capability reflects the degree to which people can harness emotions and employ them to improve their chances of being successful in whatever they're seeking to do.
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